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When will Android 11 arrive on your phone

When will Android 11 arrive on your phone
Android 11 is now officially out, beginning its slow and bumpy spread over thousands of different Android devices.

When and if you’ll get Android 11 on your phone is entirely dependent on the manufacturer of the phone (and sometimes your carrier) but also whether or not you're using a flagship device. So unless you’re one of the relatively few Pixel owners, the wait for the next major update might span for months.

Overall, there’s some noticeable improvement in the time it takes for flagship phones to get the latest Android version. However, because there’s a vast number of midrange and budget devices, the fragmentation of Android is as bad as ever. According to Statcounter, Android 10 finally took over Android 9 as the most common version in August 2020, a month before the release of Android 11. 

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While cheaper phones exist in the wild west of software updates, flagships receive more attention post-launch and follow a certain pattern. And although we can’t know for sure when phones will get Android 11 (many manufacturers probably don’t know themselves), we’ll use past data to give you an estimate.

That estimate is based on the time it took for previous models to get their first major update and will be translated to Android 11's official release.

When will your Samsung phone get Android 11

Samsung’s One UI is significantly different from the so-called stock Android experience, but recently the manufacturer has stepped-up its game and is bringing updates in a timely manner. Hopefully, this trend will continue with Android 11.

When will Galaxy S20 series get Android 11

Samsung promised that the Galaxy S20 Ultra and its smaller siblings will be the first to get the One UI update bringing Android 11. According to the company, it will happen this year, which most likely means December. That’s a delay of about 3 months, which isn’t too bad. Depending on your region or carrier, the update might be delayed to January or even February 2021.

When will the Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra get Android 11

Although Samsung mentions the S20 series specifically as the first to get Android 11, rest assured that Galaxy Note 20 owners won't be far behind. Perhaps some Note 20 users will be lucky enough to get it before the end of the year as well, but early 2021 seems more likely for the majority.

When will Galaxy Note 10 and 10+ get Android 11

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10+ will likely be the first 2019 models to get the Android 11 update and it should be shortly after the Galaxy S20 series and the Note 20. The timeline for them starts around mid-January 2021.

When will Galaxy S10 series get Android 11

Despite being a year older than the S20 series, the Galaxy S10 models shouldn’t be too far behind their successors when it comes to the Android 11 update. The first Galaxy S10 devices should be blessed with Samsung’s version of Android 11 around mid-February 2021.

When will your LG phone get Android 11

LG is doing a decent job at bringing the newest Android to its latest flagships but the generation before them usually lags behind more so than in Samsung’s case.

When will LG Velvet get Android 11

The LG Velvet is the company’s new flagship, seemingly replacing the expected G9. As such, it’s expected to be first in line for the Android 11 update, which the past suggests will happen in January 2021.

When will LG V60 get Android 11

The Android 11 update for the LG V60 is expected to arrive either at the same time as that on the LG Velvet or slightly after. February 2021 would be a good estimate for when the first LG V60s will receive Android 11.

When will LG G8 get Android 11

LG is adamant to provide at least 2 major updates to its flagships, which means the LG G8 will have a go with Android 11 as well. For that, owners of the 2019 model will probably have to wait until late May or early June 2021.

When will LG V50 get Android 11

Unsurprisingly, the situation is pretty similar when it comes to the LG V50, which was released just a few months after the G8. In short, Android 11 for the LG V50 -- May-June 2021.

When will your Google Pixel get Android 11

When it comes to software updates, naturally, no one can beat Google, although some manufacturers are getting close to matching its quick updates.

With Pixel phones, there’s almost no discrepancy between models, as long as they’re supported. The Pixel 4, Pixel 4 XL, Pixel 3a, Pixel 3a XL, Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL should already be receiving Android 11. Depending on which wave your particular device falls in, it could be a few days before you get the update. Of course, newer devices will likely get priority, so don’t get frustrated if you have to wait a week or so before your Pixel 2 gets Android 11.

When will your OnePlus phone get Android 11

OnePlus is one of the champions of fast Android updates. The company’s OxygenOS is very close to stock Android which allows it to quickly make the necessary adjustments and send it to the latest devices.

When will OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro get Android 11

If you're rocking one of the OnePlus 8 phones, you can become an early adopter of Android 11 after you download the OxygenOS 11 beta. If betas aren't your thing, you'll probably have to wait a couple of months before the official OxygenOS 11 release starts rolling out to OnePlus 8 devices.

When will OnePlus 7, 7 Pro and 7T, 7T Pro get Android 11

The OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7T, including their Pro variants, will likely receive Android 11 at the same time. The update delay between OnePlus generations has traditionally been around a month, so OnePlus 7 and 7T users are likely to get Android 11 before the end of the year.

When will your Motorola phone get Android 11

Motorola is always straying away from deep Android customizations but that hasn’t necessarily resulted in fast updates. Hopefully, with Google’s efforts to streamline the process, the next version of Android will be easier to deliver.

When will Motorola Edge+ get Android 11

Motorola Edge+ is the company’s first true modern-day flagship and since it lacks a predecessor it’s hard to judge how fast Motorola will push updates to it. There was some controversy around that as well, as Motorola initially said the phone will only get one major update but then changed its mind and promised two.

Either way, with the Edge+ $1,000 price tag come certain expectations regarding software updates. If Motorola is to meet them, it better deliver Android 11 as fast as its competitors, meaning before the end of 2020.

When will the Moto G series get Android 11

Motorola has released a number of Motorola One phones, but the Moto G series remains the company’s most popular line. The Moto G family is now bigger, with the new Moto G Stylus and G Fast making a debut, and the value proposition is better than ever. So, when will these new Moto G phones get Android 11? Well, relying again on history, the expected time-frame is May 2021. While that’s not ideal, we should keep in mind that these are budget phones and we can’t realistically expect them to get updates as fast as flagships.

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