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Check to see if your phone will be eligible to join the Android 11 beta program

Check to see if your phone will be eligible to join the Android 11 beta program
Earlier this week, Google dropped the first beta version of Android 11 for models starting with 2017's Pixel 2 line and running through last year's Pixel 4 series. All you need to do to install it on one of those models is to go to the Android beta website, click on the prompt that reads, "View your eligible devices" and tap on it. From there, it is a simple matter of opting-in to the Android 11 beta program. You will then receive a software update that can be downloaded and installed by going to Settings > System > Advanced > System update.

Select non-Pixel handsets will soon be able to join the Android 11 beta program

Keep in mind that once you join the Android 11 beta program, you are part of the program until the final version of Android 11 drops. No matter how buggy the betas are, or how fast the battery on your Pixel drains, you cannot return to Android 10 unless you completely wipe your device by performing a factory reset. That is why you should wait until the third beta is available to join the beta program if your Pixel happens to be your daily driver. If you just happen to own a Pixel 2 or later and it is collecting dust in a drawer, say to yourself "what the heck" and install Android 11 beta 1. You'll be the envy of most of your Android toting friends and family. Unless they own a OnePlus 8 or OnePlus 8 Pro.

That's because OnePlus today announced that its two newest models are eligible to join the Android 11 beta program. On the OnePlus website the company wrote, "In collaboration with Google, we are proud to offer OnePlus 8/8 Pro users an early glimpse at the future of Android. With a combination of smooth software experience and powerful hardware, OnePlus 8/8 Pro is primed to get you started on Android 11. Now download the Android 11 Beta for access to some of the latest Android features, and get your apps ready for the upcoming update." But as we warned you this morning, you might want to hold off on loading the first beta because of the list of known issues with the build including loss of all data. Other bugs have stopped Google Assistant, facial recognition, and video calls from working. If you get a feeling that you must install the first Android 11 beta on your OnePlus 8 or OnePlus 8 Pro and can't stop thinking about it, try to take your mind off of the update. Think of baseball. Developers might need to install the beta; if you're not a developer, stay away for now

Near the end of the month, eight more Android devices will be allowed to tap into the keg that we call the Android 11 beta program. These models include:

More will be joining the party over the next few weeks. We expect to see the second beta for Android 11 released in July followed by the third beta in August. The final version of Android 11 should be disseminated in September.

Among the new features is one that makes it easier and faster to move the audio output from your phone to a Bluetooth speaker or your wireless Bluetooth earbuds. Notifications are now separated by conversations, alerts, and silent notifications. Bubbles will allow Android users to multitask while engaged in a chat. Let's say that you're texting your girlfriend but you're keeping an eye on some real-time stock quotes. Instead of having to switch back and forth between your messaging app and your stocks app, you will tap on a bubble to open up the conversation in the stocks app. This way you can count your profits (or losses) without abruptly ending the text session you're having with Mary Jo.
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