When Apple used Phillips screws: watch the original iPhone 2G get torn down in this video

This year marks a full decade since Apple unveiled its gamechanger to the mobile world — the original iPhone. It was the handset that kind of shook things up when it comes to what can and what can't be done on a smartphone, which was an eye-opening experience for both consumers and manufacturers. Some didn't believe that the no-keyboard thing would fly, others mocked it as an oversized iPod. Ultimately, the joke was on them.

To celebrate the anniversary, Apple is said to release a very, very special iPhone 8 model in less than a month. But we're not here to talk about Apple. Nope, we are here to talk about YouTuber JerryRigEverything's latest video, which was also made in celebration of the iPhone's 10-year anniversary.

If you haven't heard about the creator before, he's basically one that does structured, quality durability tests on brand-new handsets and has a pinch of other tech videos thrown in the mix. This latest video is one such example — a tear-down and put-together of the original iPhone!

So, it's a bit refreshing to see an iPhone that's held together by regular Phillips head screws instead of Apple's proprietary star screws for once. Also, you think that battery replacements are hard to do on the new iPhones? Wait 'till you see the OG iPhone battery actually being soldered to the motherboard. Say what you will about modern iPhones repairability, at least we now have plug connectors instead of bare wire.

Enjoy the video below and let's all just stop and appreciate how far mobile tech has gone in just 10 years. Look at that thing — it looks old!

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