WhatsApp for BlackBerry 10 didn't die right when 2018 arrived, but it will

WhatsApp for BlackBerry 10 didn't die right when 2018 arrived, but it will
Last week, we told you that once 2017 came to an end, messaging app WhatsApp would no longer be available for the BlackBerry 10 platform. So here we are, more than 21 hours into 2018, and the messaging app still appears to be functioning on BlackBerry 10 handsets like the BlackBerry Passport or BlackBerry Z30. But the truth is, as far as this particular platform is concerned, WhatsApp is a dead app walking.

According to a statement made by WhatsApp, on BlackBerry 10 the app is now in "deprecation" mode." While it will still continue to function for a short time period, some behaviors will change. Let's say that you delete the app on BlackBerry 10, and hope to reinstall it on the platform. Since it can no longer verify your BB10 phone number, which is necessary to finalize the installation process, you can not bring it back once it is deleted. Now, once this two-week grace period ends on or around January 14th, WhatsApp for BlackBerry 10 will go into "expired mode," and the app will no longer connect to WhatsApp's servers. For a period of time, you still might be able to see your existing messages, but there is no guarantee.

Since BlackBerry 10 does run some Android apps, you can install this version of WhatsApp on your BlackBerry 10 handset, add an app like WhatsFixer that allows you to share multimedia content, and you'll be good to go. The latter workaround is good for those who would rather not have to give up their BlackBerry Z30, BlackBerry Passport or BlackBerry Classic. Perhaps the best solution to this issue is to buy the BlackBerry KEYone or the BlackBerry Motion; both of these are powered by Android, and you'll be able to use WhatsApp with no restrictions. Plus, with the KEYone, firing off messages with that fantastic physical keyboard has got to be a pleasure.

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1. meanestgenius

Posts: 22787; Member since: May 28, 2014

BlackBerry 10 is soon to be EOL, in two years. It’s a phenomenal OS (anyone who has actually used it can attest to this), and it’s amazing that BlackBerry has chosen to support it for another two years before pulling the plug. Handsets like the Passport, at the time of EOL for BB10, will have been supported for five years. That’s awesome. It’s truly unfortunate that this phenomenal OS is soon to be EOL, but it is what it is. Many apps like WhatsApp ending support for it is undoubtedly what happens to any OS that’s EOL. BlackBerry 10 will always be the best OS ever created, IMO. Moving forward, I have to say that BlackBerry/BlackBerry Mobile’s Android offerings are awesome. The KEYᵒⁿᵉ is the best handset of 2017, IMO. BlackBerry handsets on Android have made me appreciate truly Android, and I look forward to BlackBerry/BlackBerry Mobile’s next Android offering with a physical keyboard.

2. aegislash

Posts: 1536; Member since: Jan 27, 2015

I used a BlackBerry Z30 for a few months, and I got to really enjoy BlackBerry 10. I think it's why I took to Apple's gesture-based UI on the iPhone X so quickly, because I had plenty of experience in terms of gestures when it came to BlackBerry 10. I thoroughly enjoyed the overall user interface on BlackBerry 10, and found it so intuitive. It kind of makes me wished that BlackBerry would eventually release an official BlackBerry 10 launcher into the Google Play Store.

3. GreenMan

Posts: 2698; Member since: Nov 09, 2015

For me, Blackberry died way back in late 2013... Back in December 2011, my company gave me a Blackberry Bold 9790. And by the end of 2013; it was so worn-out by regular 'heavy' usage (They gave me a BB for a reason!) that I was looking for something to replace it. And the VERY first thing I looked at is... Blackberry Q5 running The BB10. But I, being used to the sturdy & premium construction of my Bold; was put-off by its plastic looks, sub-par keyboard (For a Blackberry) and a 'cramped' UI as The OS was primarily designed for large screened phones in mind. Use Z30 & Q5 side by side; you'll see what I mean. Then I decided to go with a 'full-screen' phone (My weakening eyesight being a deciding factor). Gazed at The Z10 which Blackberry was heavily discounting back then after their launch of Z30. But then I looked at The cheap Nexus and said: "If I'm going big; why not go all the way?". And that's how I bought The Nexus 5, my first Android, half heartedly. But after a few weeks of usage, I was in LOVE with it. INCLUDING the virtual keyboard which I thought I'd hate forever! Blackberry could've 'saved' me. But they were too lazy, too proud and too nostalgic to... ADDRESS THE TWO ELEPHANTS IN THE ROOM! G'Day!

4. Knowledge_1

Posts: 2; Member since: Dec 27, 2017

Thinking about the Keyone and the Passport. I am trying to justify spending $200 on a NEW Passport versus spending $499 on a Keyone. What is a good price for a NEW Passport? What is a good Price for a NEW Keyone? $499 on a one year old device to me is not work it. An EOL device like a Passport that has had 5 years of support and will have 2 more. It might be supported after the Keyone's support ends. Someone give me some prices if you can. If you would advise away from either, let me know. I like new things though. I am tired of IOS and Android is ok. Since I really don't play games on a phone and will be doing some buisiness stuff, not really into the Pixel at the moment or overpriced Iphone X.

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