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What would be your main reasons not to buy the iPhone 8?

What would be your main reasons not to buy the iPhone 8?

For all the talk of "soft" iPhone 8 and 8 Plus demand in anticipation of the iPhone X later in the season, their sales seem to be pretty substantial, according to what's probably the most reputed Apple analyst out there, KGI Securities's Ming-Chi Kuo. The all-important carrier sales in particular have been pretty "stable," he calls them, and opening weekend shipments were 50% of last year's volume, which apparently is in line with most analysts' expectation, given that there is a third major iPhone on the horizon.

Folks are surprisingly flocking more to the Plus version, however, compared to last year, and the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus sales have been almost equal, judging from carrier and other sales channel probes. Needless to say, the iPhone 8 Plus is currently the only one you can use the much-touted Portrait Lighting tricks on, at least until the iPhone X comes around, so there might be something to that end. 

That is why we wanted to ask you what would be your main reasons for abstaining from buying the new iPhone 8? Take your pick in the poll below, and sound off in the comments if there is anything else that makes you skip it this season.

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What would be your main reasons not to buy the iPhone 8?
Waiting on the iPhone X 21.1% (623 votes) (623 votes)
No need to upgrade from my current iPhone 20.56% (607 votes) (607 votes)
Legacy 'surfboard' design 18.36% (542 votes) (542 votes)
Price 15.04% (444 votes) (444 votes)
More fragile glass rear 3.12% (92 votes) (92 votes)
Fast charging comes at extra cost 2.3% (68 votes) (68 votes)
No dual camera for optical zoom and portrait modes 3.52% (104 votes) (104 votes)
Other (sound off in comments) 15.99% (472 votes) (472 votes)

2952 votes

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