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What the owners of today's top smartphones are complaining about

What the owners of today's top smartphones are complaining about
Crowdsourced troubleshooting site Fixya asked its audience to come up with the top five problems that afflict each of four top smartphone models. The phones involved include a quartet of today's most popular handsets including the Samsung Galaxy S4, the Apple iPhone 5s, the Motorola Moto X and the HTC One. The top issue affecting the flagship Android device, the Samsung Galaxy S4, is overheating. This was selected by 25% of those Galaxy S4 owners who voted and is said to occur when the phone's users are gaming and browsing the web at the sane time. Some suggest that the plastic build of the phone is to blame for the feeling that the phone is running too hot. Other issues with the phone include its tendency to drain the battery forcing owners to recharge once during the day, and the screen is darker than the glass on other devices. That affects those browsing or reading text on the device.

The next phone is the Motorola Moto X. 30% of those who own this model say that their number one complaint is the lack of storage space. There is 16GB of native storage on the Moto X of which 12GB is available to the phone's owners. But the kick in the head is that there is no microSD slot on the phone that could help expand the amount of storage available. 20% of Moto X users are not happy with the 720 x 1280 resolution screen, which displays signs of pixelation and color saturation. The camera also was considered problematic by 20% of Moto X users and that is no shocker considering Motorola's recent history. An update was recently sent out to improve exposures of the pictures taken by Moto X owners who tend not to be too heavily into photography.

The Apple iPhone 5s is next, and there is a two-way tie at the top. Owners of Apple's full-featured phone are worried about privacy with Touch ID (25%) and the battery life on the handset (25%). Running apps and using navigation services seem to consume a lot of battery life. As far as the data generated by Touch ID, it is all stored on the phone's A7 chip and is not sent to Apple or stored in the cloud. Users of the phone can also disable Touch ID if they so desire. 15% of iPhone 5s users complained about apps crashing and the size of the display. Both are pretty self-explanatory, and while a software update could fix the former, Apple is said to be working to increase the size of the display on the next iteration of its iconic smartphone. With Windows Phone now offering a 6 inch phablet, this is one issue that Apple does need to address soon.

And that brings us to the last of the four smartphones on the list, the HTC One. It should be no surprise that 30% of HTC One users complain about the phone's battery life.This has been a complaint with phones made by the Taiwan based manufacturer for some time. While the 2300mAh cell inside the unit matches the one on the Nexus 5, some complain that the HTC One cell takes 5 hours to charge fully. And because the battery cannot be replaced by the phone's user, this is a problem both with the low battery life and slow recharging. Audio issues account for 20% of the complaints revolving around the HTC One. A hiss can be heard during calls and while listening to music. Also garnering 20% of HTC One user's complaints are issues with the camera. While the UltraPixel camera may bring more light into the photograph allowing for good quality shots, even under low light conditions, the camera won't deliver the quality of pictures that the cameras on other high-end smartphones are capable of.

If you want to see how each smartphone scored in individual categories, checkout the slideshow below.

source: Fixya via PCMag
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