WP7 YouTube clients updated to fix high quality video streaming issues

WP7 YouTube clients updated to fix high quality video streaming issues
As elegant and stylish as it may be, the Windows Phone 7 platform is still missing one essential component that every self-respecting smartphone cannot do without – an official, dedicated YouTube client. That is why owners of WP7 devices have to resort to third party clients with LazyTube and Supertube being among the most popular ones out there.

After a recent internal software reshuffling over at YouTube's servers, however, those third-party clients started misbehaving and lost their ability to play videos in high quality. Fortunately, those problems have been fixed now after updates to both Supertube and LazyTube took care of the issue.

As of now, it is only YouTube, as the free version of LazyTube is known in the Windows Marketplace, that has not been updated yet, but its developer has made it clear that a fix resolving the problem should be out very soon. Grab the updated versions of the apps from the links below, and if you have not checked them out so far, this may be the perfect moment for you to do so.

Supertube [Zune link]
LazyTube [Zune link]

source: wpcentral



1. downphoenix

Posts: 3165; Member since: Jun 19, 2010

why wont google just release a WP7 client? They released an Iphone client, are they Iphone fans or something?

2. rabbit unregistered

thats because google and microsoft can't play fair, google wants cosumer to return their wp7 device and pick up a android instead. I'm a current wp7 user they're apps like vevo and msn video, and if you really need to use youtube, youtube lazy worm work great and supertube lite is pretty awesome, give those a try untill they fix everything in mango cause in mango google will have no choice cause mango is going to be so close to the pc they wont be able to tell you apart from a wp7 to a pc with w7

4. faisalbilal

Posts: 12; Member since: Mar 13, 2011

Google being soo *** just release a good working youtube app jeezz

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