Lazyworm's YouTube client for Windows Phone 7 gets an update; version 3.0 on the way

Lazyworm's YouTube client for Windows Phone 7 gets an update; version 3.0 on the way
Frustrated by Windows Phone 7's lack of a dedicated YouTube client? Well, until Microsoft and Google settle their disagreements and come up with a way to resolve the issue, you might want to check out Lazyworm's free YouTube app, which just got updated to version 2.4.

For those of you not familiar with the matter, Lazyworm's YouTube client is quoted by many of its happy users to be the most convenient way to watch content from Google's video sharing service on a WP7 smartphone. The most important new feature in version 2.4 is that the app now has its very own live tile, which will display a push notification when an author that you are subscribed to uploads a new video. However, you are allowed to receive notifications from only three of your subscriptions, yet the limitation is not present in the client's more advanced (and paid) version – LazyTube.

Another cool thing about the YouTube client provided by Lazyworm is that you now have a volume slider, which is accessible while watching videos. Besides that, you have the option to restrict your video history from being added to your smartphone's Video Hub.

It is said Lazyworm is already developing version 3.0 of its YouTube client, which will be optimized for Windows Phone 7 Mango. However, the Mango-optimized app will not be launching anytime soon as it will be at least a couple more months until the update itself starts rolling out.

source: Lazyworm via WMPoweruser



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