Vizio's Android tablet jumps through the FCC hoops, shows up for $349 in Walmart's system

Vizio's Android tablet jumps through the FCC hoops, shows up for $349 in Walmart's system
Back in January when we first heard that everyone's favorite value-for-money TV brand Vizio is coming with both a tablet and a smartphone, we didn't know that there will be another six months during which there won't be any additional leaks.

What appeared now at the FCC as the VTAB1008, however, might very well be what we came across as the Vizio VIA Tablet at CES. The company says on its website that it will sport an 8" display, 1GHz processor, high-res frontal camera, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS, as well as an HDMI port and DLNA for wireless streaming. 

No word about the processor maker, or if it will be dual-core, and there are the stingy 2GB of memory mentioned, but what separates it from the pack are three speakers for stereo audio in both portrait and landscape mode.

The tablet is also supposed to feature an IR blaster, which allows both the tablet and the smartphone to control each other, as well as to send commands to Vizio's TV lineup or your home theater, and, basically, to everything that doesn't move, and has an infrared port with the preinstalled application. 

If the VTAB1008 that popped up on the FCC's dissection tables is the Vizio VIA Tablet, we can more or less expect the specs above. 

The slate already appeared at Walmart last week for $349, so obviously Vizio aims to apply its great tradition of rock-bottom prices for quality gear to its tablet business as well

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  • Display 8.0" 1024 x 768 pixels
  • Camera / 0.3 MP VGA front
  • Storage 4 GB + microSDHC



1. redbeardeddevil unregistered

This actually sounds pretty cool. Too bad about the onboard memory, but as long as it has a microsdhc slot then it's cool. The price is okay especially without contract requirements. And as my wife says, "8 inches is okay, but I would prefer 10." ;-)

2. joanna23 unregistered

@ at da Guy above me if my husband said bigger is better like u said 10 inches is better I wud dump him in a heartbeat .. cuz obviously he likes 8==D just like u I'm still wondering why ur wife hasn't dumped u? Cuz I mean u like it bigger than she does..

3. emc3rd unregistered

He did not say he like anything he said his wife said that 8" is cool but 10" would be better.

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