Video shows how super-easy it is to set up a new Google Wifi router

Video shows how super-easy it is to set up a new Google Wifi router
Back at the October event, the Pixel and Pixel XL phones were not the only product that Google announced. In fact, it presented a cool new round box, called the Google Wifi. It's a router that can replace your current one, get easily set up through an app, and connect to other Google Wifi units throughout your house, making Wi-Fi bridges and improving the coverage in your house.

With its December release approaching, Google has now released a video, which shows us how quick and easy it is to start using a Google Wifi. You just have to plug your unit to a power outlet via the provided power cable and to your modem via an ethernet cable, open up the Wifi app on your phone and scan the QR code that's on the router. Then, after the phone and router have connected, you can type in a name and password for your network, as well as link the Wifi to other boxes, provided you have them. The secondary Wifi units only need to be connected to the power.

Here's the video, check out the sleek operation yourselves:


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