Video from LG teases Knock Code announcement at MWC 2014

Video from LG teases Knock Code announcement at MWC 2014
On Monday, we told you about LG's "Knock Code", which is an enhanced version of the manufacturer's "Knock On" feature. First seen on the LG G2, "Knock On" allows you to awaken a sleeping phone by double tapping on the screen. Knock Code allows you to select one of 86,367 knock combinations to use as a pattern to quickly unlock your phone. The knock pattern you select can number up to eight taps and can be entered from any area of the screen.

LG has produced a a video that teases the new Knock Code, which will debut on the LG G Pro 2. The 5.9 inch handset will be launched in South Korea later this month and will eventually hit the U.S. market in April. Besides the LG G Pro 2, we expect to see LG unveil the LG G2 mini at MWC.

The original Knock On feature was included on the LG G2 as a way to quickly awaken the phone considering that the power button and the volume rocker were placed on the rear of the unit. Unlike other methods used to unlock a phone, "Knock On" and "Knock Code"  don't require the handset to be turned on first, saving you the trouble of pressing the power button.

Check out the video teaser by clicking on the video below.

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source: LGMobileHQ via GSMArena

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