Verizon’s Touch Pro now available, Omnia announced

Verizon’s Touch Pro now available, Omnia announced
The Holidays will be holy for Verizon Wireless smartphone users as two of the hottest Windows Mobile smartphones are coming to the carrier stores.

For $349.99 after a $70 mail-in rebate, the HTC Touch Pro can be yours. Just as the Sprint and GSM variants, it should be a great ‘professional’ companion, with its high-res VGA display, smooth look and excellent QWERTY keyboard. Strangely, the pictures do not show the TouchFLO 3D interface but we hope it will be available.

HTC Touch Pro Specifications

If you are looking for a fun phone, then the Samsung Omnia is more suitable for you. The Big Red version is almost identical to the original GSM one, which is very good. Features include personalized interface, 5MP camera with auto-focus and flash (yeah, that’s the first for the carrier) and support for a variety of video formats, including DivX, for quality playback on the wide display. Samsung showcases the Verizon-branded Omnia on its site but there is no official information when it will be available for purchase. Our sources claim that you’ll be able to order it online tomorrow and in-stores on December 08. *Update* Verizon officially confirmed these dates and say that the price will be $250 after a $70 mail-in rebate and a contract.

Samsung Omnia Specifications

So which one do you like best? Do you prefer the little helper Touch Pro or the camera- and multimedia-oriented Omnia? Or are you ready for a Storm? Tell us in the comments below.

source: Verizon Wireless and Samsung, thanks Bryan!



1. unregistered

The Touch Pro doesnt look as sophisticated as the other versions but its still cool.

79. unregistered

do u have to get a plan for the omnia???

82. unregistered

Since the Omnia is considered a smartphone you will be required to have a data plan of $29.99. All smartphones/pda/blackberry now require a $29.99 plan.

89. unregistered

Phone is now available for ordering @ verizonwireless.

2. BIG RED unregistered

I am looking forward to the Omnia but I have never owned a Samsung cell. I am unsure as to its quality and user interface

12. unregistered

Well considering it is so close to the GSM version it should be great. Overall samsung is hit and miss but they try many different styles and try to break the mold. The Alias, juke, Sway, Flipshot, glyde(horrible) and now the omnia. All the phones are different and arent like your standard flip phone. I give them props because at least they try... LG is great but the phones all look the same!!

3. vzw fanman unregistered

is it me or does it look wicked boxy? and it seems a little too expensive

9. unregistered

It looks like a knock off of the other Touch Pros and not having "HTC" logo on the phone does not help...not near as sexy and clean with those sharp edges

43. unregistered

It's the GSM varient. Sprint got the CDMA body style (rounded) VZW got the GSM body style.

57. unregistered

the phone is a total brick!!! I saw the dummy model and it is just horrid

78. unregistered

Lets keep in mind that the look of the phone is subjective. Its the performance that matters. If you think its ugly, don't buy it.

88. unregistered

The Fuze has the rounded edges as well and its a GSM version.

4. MikeG77

Posts: 426; Member since: Nov 24, 2008

Now first let me say that i am not a VZW employee trying to hype up a product I am just guy trying to give info to the masses. So alot of people have been wondering about the Omnia and the specs the VZW version will have in comparison to the GSM version. I personally know the Omnia hit the VZW kiosk in my store on Tuesday afternoon but there was no pricing for it as of yet. Im thinking 500 to 550 for this phone considering how much it can do in comparison to other winmo phones that VZW offers. Last night after work i talked to one of the sales guys to ask him to let me see a open unit they have and he agreed. I had a total of 45 minutes with the phone to test the many features it offers. My major goal was to see if VZW crippled the phone. You all know what i mean....... stuff like removing WIFI, lowering the camera resolution, locking down the gps and removing any special features such as the radio or the secondary camera on the face. Well after my little play time i know for a fact that the phone is identical to the GSM version except that the GPS is locked down. In comparison to the Storm i would say that they both have there pros and cons but my vote is for the Omnia. If any one is asking or wondering "did you test the Storm as well" i can say yes i did. Personally i was considering one of these phones and i would have to say that the Omnia gets my vote hands down. Here are some of the factors that lead me to my conclusion. The Storms interface seems a bit slow even with the update to the software. Its to heavy and wide for my taste and ill be honest i dont think the onscreen keyboard is that great. Now ive used windows mobile phones for the last 3 yrs so maybe im a little biased. Remember this is just one guys opinion so dont flip out and post any BS on this site unless you have facts to back it up.

10. unregistered

Damn it....I wanted to load Garmin or TomTom on this...I have seen where people were able to hack the GPS somehow so that 3rd party GPS apps could be used so I gues that is my only option.

31. MikeG77

Posts: 426; Member since: Nov 24, 2008

Yeh it does suck but verizon didnt cripple the phone as much as i thought it would have. Using VZnav is not the end of the world. Im assuming ppcgeeks and xdadevelopers are working on some sort of hack or new ROM. Just remember if you hack the phone or apply a new ROM you void your warranty through VZW.

37. unregistered

Like they would even notice a hack UI...

52. MikeG77

Posts: 426; Member since: Nov 24, 2008

If you go in and put a ROM that is not an official update and you have any problems with the phone Verizon will tell you to go pound rocks. But hey its your money!

72. unregistered

some of us techs might. I had a 6700 that came in hacked (has happened once in my 1.5+ years here) that was hacked and running either a heavily modded version of win mo 5 or win mo 6, thought it was kinda cool. but then I'd prefer it was open anyway myself so the likelihood is I'd just tell someone to do a hard reset if i had to swap it. and after playing with the storm which is VERY nice... I'm probably leading toward the Omnia. my biggest reason for liking the storm was the 'click' touch wich is really nice... and i like fixed keys... oh well i suppose i can deal...

5. Anarkie unregistered

Once my upgrade is available, I think I'm shooting for the Omnia. About time VZW has a phone with a FM tuner, WiFi (If they didn't kill it off) AND a good camera. Hope it stacks up. I have 2 months to decide.

32. MikeG77

Posts: 426; Member since: Nov 24, 2008

As soon as you see the display you will like the phone. Personally i think it is the best windows mobile phone ever the only thing that could compare is the HTC Touch HD.

6. unregistered

samsung omnia is so nice, if I was on verizon no doubt I would get it right a way. Verizon must have heard the complaints about them not having good amount of smart phones. First the Blackberry Storm, then HTC Touch Pro and now the best one the Samsung Omnia. I just loving the Sprint touch pro but it would of been nice to have those options. Typing on my pro right now so its all good.

11. unregistered

The Omnia is also the frist VZW phones that I want. I love Samy phones and the fact that they left it alone for the most part is huge and hopefully they will continue to do that with furure high-end phones.

99. unregistered

VZW Touch Pro can hardly be called a smart-phone. It is so retarded! The ram has been reduced from the original version and it looks like a piece of dump. Good job to Verizon for picking this up and making it retarded.

130. vzwtech unregistered

Sorry, but have to agree with you on the touch's very boxy, heavy, and I noticed while testing that the system memory usage was outrageous compared to my 6900 (tapping top right corner of screen shows usage averaging 70-80%, my 6900 hovers around 30-45% unless I leave a dozen apps open). Both of these phones have wi-fi, if you need the keyboard the touch pro may be the way to go. I am absolutely in love with the omnia...from the wifi, to the touch flo interface, to the tv-output (for picture slide shows or video on tv don'tcha know)...the list goes on and on and on.....the ONLY thing I'm not wild about is the extendable stylus that comes with it, but I can honestly say it's 1000x better than the flimsy one that came in the I-760

7. unregistered

I spoke with a Verizon sales agent and he told me that it will be available online for order tomorrow and in store Dec 8th. The information in the article is correct. He also told me that it would be 249.99 after a $70 mail in rebate. I am excited I have been waiting on this phone for a while.

8. unregistered

The Omnia that is. Forgot to mention the name of the phone

42. unregistered

I also spoke with a VZW sales agent and they could only confirm that it was available tomorrow (NOV 26th) online. They also stated that if you order online it will be shipped overnight to you. I'm still going to stop by a VZW store tomorow and see if they have it, if not order tomorrow online and have it shipped.

13. BIG RED unregistered

Does anyone know if the Omnia will have Vcast available? I gotta say this is one of the things that urns me off about the can a flagship model not offer Vcast? Also, will Omnia require a data plan like the Blackberry models? Thanks in advance.

20. unregistered

why would you want vcast on a smart phone that has internet capabilities?! Vcast is a package made for basic handsets!! With the ability to surf the web and to transfer stuff from your home computer to your phone makes Vcast a uneccasary feature!

23. BIG RED unregistered

What about ESPN MVP? Will this be available on the Omnia?

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