Verizon will reportedly offer a personal finance app to help you with your bills

Verizon will reportedly offer a personal finance app to help you with your bills
A report published today cites a source with inside knowledge as saying that Verizon will soon be offering a personal finance app called Prism. With the app, you list all of the bills and the names of the companies that you are paying monthly. Once that is accomplished, the app will remind you when a monthly bill is due, tell you whenever a new bill arrives, and track your balance at the bank. It also will pay your bills automatically.

The app helps you see where you money is going each month, and gives you an idea of how much cash you have to make purchases each month. The interesting thing is that there already is a similar app also called Prism, that is available on multiple platforms including the App Store and Google Play Store. This app has basically the same features as Verizon's rumored app will reportedly have.

All this leads us to conclude that Verizon could be purchasing Prism's parent company Mobilligy, and might decide to integrate Prism with the My Verizon app. If you want to join the site as a trial member through an open beta, all you need to do is to click on the sourcelink below. Verizon will supposedly call you to get feedback about your usage of the app.

By the way, we sense your concern about revealing your personal information for a finance app. According to the information published along with the trial application (which carries a Verizon copyright), information you give out related to Prism is encrypted for security, sits behind a firewall, and is not stored on your device.

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