Verizon to open at 6am on day of Droid launch?

Verizon to open at 6am on day of Droid launch?
If you are one of the many planning to hit Verizon up for the Motorola Droid on the launch date of November 6th, there is something you should keep in mind. According to I4U, the carrier plans on opening up its' stores at 6am on November 6th. On the same day, Big Red also is expected to launch the HTC Droid Eris, a Android powered handset that will reportedly go for $99. If you are planning to be a first day buyer of the Droid, they could be out of stock well before lunch.

The last time Verizon hyped a handset this hard was for the November 2008 launch of the first-gen BlackBerry Storm. On launch date, long lines appeared outside Big Red stores (seems funny now, doesn't it?) and many stores were sold out within minutes. Considering that many who have had hands-on experience with the Droid believe this to be the iPhone's first real challenger, you can expect each Verizon retail outlet to be a madhouse on November 6th. Throw in the demand for the underpriced Droid Eris, Verizon's HTC Hero variant, and you can imagine that Lowell McAdam will be walking around with a perpetual grin on his face on November 6th. Better set your alarm clock to wake you very early that morning!

Motorola Droid Specifications
HTC DROID Eris Preliminary Specifications

source: I4U
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