Verizon to get updated Palm Pre in first quarter 2010?

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Verizon to get updated Palm Pre in first quarter 2010?
Last week, everybody skipped a heartbeat when rumors flew that Verizon had decided to pass up offering the Palm Pre. No one was ready for the reaction that ensued. For the first time since the 1987 Stock Market Crash, you had people looking up as they passed by tall buildings to make sure that they were not hit by jumpers. Some had no place to go but to their local House of Worship, muttering "Why,why?" as they sought out their Clergyman. But everything turned out ok. Tipsters revealed that Big Red was still getting the Palm Pre and The was wrong. And now, the Examiner reports that not only is the Palm Pre going to be sold by the nation's largest carrier, but the device will also have some updates. The phone could have a larger screen, more memory on board or even be equipped with a microSD slot. This is all conjecture, of course, just the same as when the story was that the Pre was being dropped by Verizon. The difference is that with this version, we won't have to encounter a multitude of crying Verizon customers.

Palm Pre Specifications | Review

source: Examiner


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