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Verizon says "No" to the Palm Pre?

Verizon says "No" to the Palm Pre?
Verizon Wireless has decided not to offer the Palm Pre according to a report by The which cited "people close to the discussion". Back in May, Verizon Wireless CEO Lowell McAdam made comments that made it appear as though the touchscreen handset was heading to Big Red's line-up. "Over the next six months or so you will see devices likePalmPre and a second generation Storm," on the VerizonWireless networks," said the executive. As recently as late August, it appeared as though the Pre was one of the code numbered handsets listed in Verizon's inventory system.

The story in The says a Palm spokesman, when asked to comment, would only say that the company had never named Verizon as one of its partners. Now what does this all mean? Is the Pre not selling strongly enough to attract Verizon or does the carrier have another handset ready that it feels will be lights out? Is it the highly touted Motorola Sholes? Is the BlackBerry Storm2 strong enough to knock out the Pre? The soap opera will continue.

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