Verizon set to become number 1 U.S. carrier this week

Verizon Set To Become Number 1 U.S. Carrier This Week
Listen up. This is important because you never know when you might be asked this question for $1,000,000 on a quiz show. Which wireless carrier is the largest in the U.S.? Had you answered before this Friday , you would have been correct had you said that AT&T was numero uno. But at the end of this business week, Verizon will be closing its' acquisition of Alltel which will add 13 million subscribers to Big Red, giving them a total of 80 million customers. Now, Verizon will have to give up roughly 2 million subscribers to satisfy the Feds, but that will still overtake Ma Bell's total which stood at 75 million as recently as September. Being the Top Dog does have its' rewards. Besides raking in more fees, the bigger you are, the better you get treated by equipment manufacturers.Verizon's growth has been helped this quarter by the addition of the BlackBerry Storm to its' line-up. The first all touch BlackBerry went on sale on November 21st and the networker says that the phone has quickly become the carrier's best selling device despite less than stellar reviews.

So if you find yourself on a game show, or if you are just settling a bet at the bar, remember that as of this Friday, AT&T has been replaced as this nation's largest cellular carrier by Verizon. Can you hear me? What about now?
via: AlleyInsider

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