Verizon pushes out security update to the Motorola DROID Turbo

Verizon pushes out security update to the Motorola DROID Turbo
With carriers working on beefing up the security of Android handsets, Motorola DROID Turbo users have been receiving a security update from Verizon over the weekend. Ever since the deadly Stagefright vulnerability was outed in July, carriers have been scrambling to send out updates to prevent hackers from taking control of the camera and microphone, and stealing content from Android smartphones.

Because Stagefright is said to have its origins in code found in the multimedia library used on Android ever since Android 2.2 (Froyo), 95% of active handsets powered by Google's open source OS were said to contain the vulnerability, before the concerted effort to eradicate the problem. The attack on an Android phone with the vulnerability is done through a malicious MMS, which tricks Android into thinking that it contains a video. On a device using a pre-Jellybean build of Android, the recipient of the MMS doesn't even have to open it to activate the malware.

Needless to say, Stagefright is a serious issue for Android users. If you are a DROID Turbo owner who has yet to receive the security update, you can try to manually download it by going to Settings > System updates. The software version is 23.21.44.en.US. When you are ready to start downloading and installing the update, make sure that you are connected to a Wi-Fi network. Also, make sure that your battery is charged to at least 50%.

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1. HR_19

Posts: 103; Member since: Aug 09, 2014

Got it.

2. StanleyG88

Posts: 240; Member since: Mar 15, 2012

Me too.

3. Devik

Posts: 2; Member since: Oct 11, 2015

I hope motorola pushes this to Moto turbo (indian version).Seems like they have forgotten it,no updates since 5.0.2 which was out of the box.THe day lenove has overtaken moto,i guess the most unfortunate thing affected to dem was now they REALLY suck at updates

5. Mxyzptlk unregistered

They've always sucked with updates.

6. Scott93274

Posts: 6040; Member since: Aug 06, 2013

And no one knows more about sucking than you, isn't that right Hoover?

7. Mxyzptlk unregistered

That's your area of expertise.

8. Scott93274

Posts: 6040; Member since: Aug 06, 2013

How hard you suck? No ma'am, I can't say I've ever paid for your services.

9. Mxyzptlk unregistered

No but I'm sure Peaches in Cell Block A has your number.

10. Scott93274

Posts: 6040; Member since: Aug 06, 2013

Yeah, have him give me a call when he's done doing what he's currently doing to you and I'll give him further instructions. lol, funny that you called this fictitious cell mate of yours "Peaches" though. I think it's cute that you give each other pet names.

11. Mxyzptlk unregistered

You have a green guy riding on top of a sheep. I think that pretty much says everything that needs to be said about you, Scott.

12. Scott93274

Posts: 6040; Member since: Aug 06, 2013

That's right, I have an android character riding on top of the iSheep, not behind it, you apparently have difficulty with the concept of intercourse as you're obviously incapable of distinguishing the difference, I bet you bet you get your kicks watching western movies with all those coyboys riding their horses. Though I believe that the Android positioned behind the sheep would have been funny, I also think it would have been a little too crude for this site.

13. Mxyzptlk unregistered

I take it you had a habit of eating paint chips as a child.

14. Scott93274

Posts: 6040; Member since: Aug 06, 2013

I'm willing to bet that you're eating paint chips right now.

15. Mxyzptlk unregistered

I'm willing to bet you're sniffing super glue as I'm typing this.

16. Scott93274

Posts: 6040; Member since: Aug 06, 2013

Maybe I am, maybe I'm not, you'll know for sure later if I suffer brain damage and end up buying an iPhone.

4. roscuthiii

Posts: 2383; Member since: Jul 18, 2010

Over the weekend? I feel special... I got this almost a week ago on the 6th.

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