Using your smartphone before bedtime isn't a good idea, and here's why

Don't use gadgets before bedtime
Good idea: using your smartphone during the day for all kinds of neat stuff like looking up things on the internet, getting driving directions, listening to some music, or socializing with your buddies. Bad idea: using your smartphone late at night before bedtime when it is not really necessary. And that's not only because you are depriving yourself from sleep, it's because you are affecting your own health.

Yet despite it being a pretty bad habit, it is estimated that 95% of people use some kind of a gadget before sleep, be it for texting, surfing the web, or watching TV. Perhaps not all of them realize that doing so makes it difficult to fall asleep afterwards. 

So in case you are one of those folks who regularly use their smartphone or tablet in bed at night, check out the infographic below very carefully. And probably, you might want to consider getting one of these.

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