Users of HTC EVO 4G complain that the latest update has messed up their phone

Users of HTC EVO 4G complain that the latest update has messed up their phone
Back near the middle of the month, we reported that Sprint sent the HTC EVO 4G a minor maintenance upgrade that included the Swype keyboard, the Scan Now Widget for 4G, improved Sprint TV and Blockbuster among others. One owner of the handset told us that his device was working perfectly until the upgrade. Now he claims that since downloading the new firmware, battery life is shorter and that the phone can not seem to stay connected to a Wi-Fi signal. Furthermore, he notices that the EVO 4G has started to lag.

Our unhappy HTC EVO 4G owner is not the only one experiencing this sudden change in his phone's disposition. Some are complaining that certain notifications are not showing up like they once did. One unlucky owner has his SD card unmount itself 4-6 times a day since the update. Another user has his EVO 4G turn on its speakerphone whenever he brings the handset to his ear and some users are finding that while connected to Wi-Fi, their phone loses its internet connection.

No word yet from Sprint or HTC, but we would expect another upgrade to be sent to fix all the bugs that the last upgrade created.

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39. e unregistered

Mines messed up it lags , dies on me after a whole night charge -____- its rediculose like! really ? I didn't speend 200$ on a crappy phone!

38. Lola2011 unregistered

Can someone help since the last update for my hct evo i have a notification saying that i have 9 vmail which i dont... phone is really slow.. Is there something i can do or just wait for another update for the phone to be fixed.. Thank you !

37. RYAN unregistered

The only problem I'm having is battery life. But other than that this is the best smartphone by far.I think its funny that some people don't understand that allot of the performance of the phone lies in two primary being your network and two being your hardware. Sometimes a update can mess things up but guess what that's what's insurance is for. And this is for all you people that think just because you sell phones that you now how everything works. Let me refrase that not all but most... anybody can sell phones or trobleshoot a phones problems in store, however there are people called network engineer's like myself who no that allot of the performance is based on your carriers network. Sprint and Verizon are pretty much the same except that the Sprint 4g uses wimax and Verizon is lte. Now I had Verizon for 10 years and had nothing but problems with there network and there hi pricing for service. If u have poor signal strength and are having problems ask to speak with an network engineer and have them run a field strength test anything minus 100db is bad I get about minus 36. Sprint or Verizon can credit your account or nock off some of your bill if your having signal strength problems. If that don't work ask about a signal repeater. You'll have to buy it but hey don't buy it from them get it from a third party not only will it improve signal strength in your house but reassure's you you'll always have signal at your home . But Sprint has the best deal out there. And to all the people that want to go get an crapphone 4 good luck with that. Read reviews about the phone look up a side by side comparison with the evo and iPhone 4 the only thing that the iPhone has on the evo is its smaller lol.

36. Chelle unregistered

I had absolutely no problems with my phone before this latest update. But ever since the update, my phone thinks my location is Riga, Latvia! I live in Utah!! This affects my alarm clocks, texts, voicemails, weather apps etc. My battery life has been horrible since the update, as well. I fully charge my phone every night, and after a few hours (of not even using my phone) my battery is dead! This is ridiculous, and unacceptable! Sprint better fix this bug, or I'm going back to Verizon!

35. mariabx485

Posts: 1; Member since: Dec 22, 2010

OMG I thought i was the only one going thru issues since da upgraded software..I Love my evo but hate the problems its giving me.. i screen bounces up and down on a regular..i have NOOOOO service even in my own house which i have wireless internet. My apps keeps closing and it takes me forever to download one dam page...But the most annoyin shit is my fone gets soooo hot that i have to take the battery out and let it kool off...sprint did reboot and gave me a used battery like thats going help and which it like WTF can i do now????

34. Doug Fresh 123

Posts: 1; Member since: Mar 15, 2010

I must agree , every since the last update my Evo has been laggen too . The Evo is still # 1 thow

33. wileynash unregistered

Some of you should consider yourselves lucky. Here’s what the update did for me. Erased my SD card, all photos, contacts….gone. Then, it must have backed up after the update and get this, my google contacts were also almost completely wiped out. Sprint tech could do nothing. Furthermore, they said that since my Evo was running hardware version 0003, (evidently the only hardware version they cannot work around) the phone was essentially rendered useless. Oh boy! I got a brand new Evo but had to trade all of my contacts and 8 months of photos for it. Just F’n fantastic. Would be interesting to know if the others experiencing problems were also running HW version 0003. Funny how the Evo and Sprint sites seem to be scrubbing this issue. Ok, not funny. Love the Evo but I am seriously PO’d about this. Sprint says I’m the ONLY one – RIGHT! Anyone else lose everything?

32. Jackson unregistered

The last update broke my 4g access, before I had full 4g reception, now I can't even connect. Now I'm really hesitant to download any patches from Sprint. Haven't they ever heard of testing things before sending it out to everyone?

30. JasonG unregistered

The update made my EVO 2x as fast and just plain snappier.

29. moofoodooloo

Posts: 137; Member since: Jan 04, 2011

I too sell phones for a living and while I can't attest any issues with the 4G, my battery does lose life a bit faster.. by maybe 10-15%. The upgrade was 52mb, I would like to know how much of that was for the Blockbuster app, Kindle, and that stupid game that came with it. I was excited to get swype and it is another nice selling point for the phone, but I found that after using it for a couple days I went right back to the standard keyboard. It didn't make texting any faster or more efficient so me so I figured.. why bother. Quite disappointing upgrade.

27. JMO8825 unregistered

I have the Evo 4g and after I made the latest update, my phone battery doesnt last at all anymore. When i take it off the charger, withing 30 seconds its already at 93%. They better fix this because its a huge problem, mounting on the fact that the battery life sucks from the start.

25. EVO fiend unregistered

Wow, I'm amazed at all the people having such a hard time with this update. I personally have experience NONE of these since my update. In fact, my EVO prior to the update would get real laggy anytime I connected 4G (even after turining it off) and I had to power cycle to get it to speed back up. Since the update that issue has disappeared. I read the instructions on SWYPE's website that said to uninstall all previous versions of BOTH the installer and the software PRIOR to updating to the new SWYPE version (which is part of the HTC update) and no problem here. As far as battery life goes, noticed nothing new as it was never very good but I did just give in and bought the Seidio 3500 extended battery. Been 3 days now and the extra size is worth having (conservatively speaking) 2X the battery life over the stock 1500. Only gripe I have is the soon to be released Verizon HTC Thunderbolt looks like it will have a much more attractive housing than Sprint's version. Other than that I'm still sold on EVO.

24. jettfoto unregistered

My evo 4g is working incredibly well.

22. leesherman06 unregistered

Idk what you guys are talking about I just updated today when I woke up to an update box. and I just got swype and it works great, phone seems to be perfect, use it like I do everyday! Love the Evo but battery life has always sucked on the evo

21. bonnie100th

Posts: 29; Member since: Apr 01, 2010

Mine also went haywire after the upgrade. Weather location changes automatically from my real location to remote locations on another continent.

20. Youre All Retards unregistered

I sell phones for a living and I sell or have sold for all carriers. Let me just start off by saying, most of you are retarded and the reson why working in wireless is such a damn pain in the ass. Now on to the rest... To the person that changed networks because of a hardware issue, you have got to be the dumbest person ever and the reason why cell phones seem to be such a popularity contest shit fest. HTC jacked up another phone with an update, like they always seem to do and youre surprised? Bad battery life on an HTC?! NO WAY!!!! Yeah, HTC has always had terrible battery life, unless you go off the side of their boxes. You people are worse than the retards that come in here to buy iPhones just because they see it on TV not realizing that just about ANYTHING beats an iPhone. The insurance options and poor customer service of having to go to apple for your service should turn people away from it but nope all the morons buy it anyways then swear its actually a good phone even though it doesnt do anything special that just about any other smart phone can do, only the rest of the phones you can actually insure for a reasonable cost, remove the battery, add expandable memory and the basics. Learn how to operate your phones properly, learn how to manage them properly, and stop coming into stores asking "How do I turn the volume up on my phone" and other stupid ass questions which waste our time in the stores. If you arent smart enough to operate a SMARTphone, then PLEASE don't buy one! Thanks

23. herbg

Posts: 3; Member since: Apr 30, 2010


31. JasonG unregistered

While I agree 90% of people who enter a mobile phone operator's store are idiots the iphone is still easier to use out of the box. nothing comparies to the iphones simple UI.I had an iphone foe 3 years before switching to the EVO. While customizing an Android phone is easier and you have more options than an iphone it still doesn't hold a candle to a jailbroken iphone. I hope Honeycomb will put Android on par with iOS. Android needs to stream line their offerings and eliminate the need for the bloated crapware carriers add as well as manufacture UI's to Android phones.

19. theGodpapa

Posts: 181; Member since: Dec 15, 2009

That update ran me back to family had 3 of the Evo's , and the phone crashed on me using gps costing me time and money, dropped calls when it didnt before and lack of data connection even though I was in a 4g spot....all of our phones did this, and since sprint said it was the phone and not their network...we left and got phones that work well....Verizon is faster on 3g then I ever was on the Sprint 4g network.

28. E unregistered

christ all you people do is cry cry cry cry cry cry cry when things "cost your money" or "this is my only phone and i do million dollar deals" well buddy if I DID million $ deals i would have a backup phone. 2nd if you are doing million $ deals, you should be able to afford the 2nd line as well. Chances are you have no clue on how to operate the phone correctly and are one of those people that will b!tch cause they want the latest technology but dont wanna take the time to learn how to you use. Here's a towel I wiped my butt with after a night of cabbage and beer drinking, please use it to wipe the tears from your eyes

18. Jay Hood unregistered

The lock/unlock screen sound is very quiet, so quiet in fact it takes me wearing headphones to hear it and all my volume controls are all the way up this is happening on my Evo and about 3-5 other Evos I know with the update.

17. Marcos unregistered

my evo is experiencing all these symptoms!! =[

16. Marcos unregistered

my evo is experiencing all these symptoms!! =[

15. klinger1108 unregistered

I had the same problem, took it to a service center and had my evo wiped and reloaded. Seems that if you had the beta version of swype installed already and didn't unistall before the update it did not mesh, caused the listed problems. My evo's working perfect now.

14. skymitch89

Posts: 1453; Member since: Nov 05, 2010

I think that this might effect if I get an Evo, Epic, or Evo Shift (if and when it comes out). If you connect to WiFi, you will loose data connection through the mobile network. As for the "random WiFi disconnects," I say go to your WiFi settings, hit menu, advanced, WiFi sleep policy, and choose what you want to do. And for the SD card dismounts, transfer all the data you want to keep to a computer, put the card back into your phone (if you had to take it out), reformat it, then transfer all the data you wanted to keep back on to the SD card. Also try what comeonson said and "try a hard reset."

26. AJ unregistered

How are these solutions for someone who's bought this phone at such a premium price and has to keep fixing the damn thing!? What's the point of paying this much if you have to keep hard reseting and reconfiguring the phone every time freaking Sprint and HTC incompetent programmers create an update that makes the phone worse than before? I'm just sick and tired of these updates and as soon as I get the phone to a stable state I will never update again. No one really tests these damn OTAs because their main focus is on how to make Sprint apps better so they can charge more or make their name look better regardless of how much damage they're doing to the already crappy battery life or performance of the phone. Great phone and great hardware at the hands of greedy Sprint and incompetent HTC creates HTC EVO 4G and sadly it's too late for us cos we've already bought the phone and got stuck in their trap...I just hope some of our real freelance programmers out there can come up with solutions ( without requiring to root) thru app or tricks and helps us out of these evil incompetent companies.

13. comeonson unregistered

Did anyone try a hard reset??? I have done dozens of the updates as a tech without issue and everyone at my store has it and isnt having these issues. only thing is they dont like the blockbuster app other than that no change really.

12. TXTOMCAT unregistered

what ever it is frustrating. I can no longer reliably update my device. It gives me a failure error 18 unkonwn code. Sprint store guys have no idea what is causing that.

11. cjmorgan00

Posts: 5; Member since: Sep 14, 2009

I don't have any real significant issues like some above, but I do notice my battery doesn't last as long as it did. My WiFi also disconnect's randomly.

10. TJ unregistered

Im not familiar with what the DRM is.. But You can just watch you battery drain now. I have 4G turned off because it is unusable on battery. This is really bad,, im so disappointed in HTC and Sprint. Ive looked in just switching carriers. Under battery usage I always see android.process.acore now. THIS TRULLY SUCKS!!!

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