Urbanista to launch solar-powered headphones with infinite playtime

Urbanista to launch solar-powered headphones with infinite playtime
Don’t you just hate it when your headphones die right in the middle of your favorite song? Urbanista promises to solve the issue by enslaving tiny photons from the Sun and making them charge your headphones.

It’s a really cool idea, actually. People use wireless headphones mostly on the move, which means running around in broad daylight most of the time. The Urbanista Los Angeles headphones model uses a special type of solar cells called Powerfoyle.

Powerfoyle was developed by a Swedish company named Exeger and is very lightweight and flexible, meaning it can be used in a wide range of gadgets. According to Wired, an hour spent outside is enough to charge the headphones for 3 hours of continuous playback.

In theory, if you wear the Urbanista Los Angeles during the day, and go to sleep like a normal person around 10 p.m., you can get infinite playtime from these headphones. Even if we ignore Urbanista perfect claims, you could probably enjoy a relatively cable-free life with these.

If you’re curious about specs, the Urbanista Los Angeles headphones are compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows systems, and they can also talk to Siri and Google Assistant. There’s active noise cancellation onboard, controlled via a physical button. The headphones also pause the playback when you take them off.

Urbanista Los Angeles will cost £169 (around $200) but there’s no information on availability and also no official release date at the moment.

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