Updated release dates for the LG VX9700 Dare, VX8610 Decoy, and VX8560 Chocolate Flip

Updated release dates for the LG VX9700 Dare, VX8610 Decoy, and VX8560 Chocolate Flip
We have received information from one of our sources, regarding Verizon's projected release dates for three upcoming LG devices. First is the VX8610 Decoy, which is a slider style phone with a unique built-in removable Bluetooth earpiece. The Decoy is currently scheduled for an on-line release of May 30th and an in-store release of June 9th. Next is the VX8560 Chocolate Flip, which is an update to the VX8600. It features a large external LCD color display with music control pad that allows for easy playback without opening the phone. The VX8560 is scheduled for an on-line release of June 24th and an in-store release early July. Lastly, the pièce de résistance, the VX9700 Dare will be the US CDMA version of the GSM Prada (minus the branding) and will feature a large WQVGA touchscreen, 3.2MP camera with Schneider Kreuznach lens, and on-screen QWERTY keypad. The Dare is expected to have an on-line release of July 4th and an in-store release by mid-July.

As always, keep in mind that these projected release dates are subject to change.

The Decoy VX8610 is confirmed to have a release of June 16th with a price of $179 after rebate.
The Chocolate3 VX8560 is now expected to be released by July 14th.
The Dare VX9700 is still scheduled to be out by mid-July.

source: VX8610, VX8560, VX9700



1. dyno unregistered

i want a decoy! bluetooth yum

37. !!!!!!!!! unregistered


64. unregistered

Incorrect, the wireless did not buy alltel the the business did, so It won't change much in size, plus it's still in major debt.

69. unregistered

WRONG, Verizon Wireless baught ALLTEL and as a company with 80+++ billion dollars in revenue now imagine it in 1 year! VZW is now the largest cellular provider, bye bye AT&t!!!!

2. unregistered

I'm not gonna even bother complaining... I'm just goin to get a different phone..

34. unregistered

Learn to write.

3. George unregistered

Well, it is about time bthey anounced when the phones will be released, but they need to release them sooner. Nobody wants to wait another 2 months to get one of these phones. They've ben planning them for a while now, and they need to make th release dates sooner.

4. Me unregistered

Yes, it would be nice if they would be released sooner...but, knowing that they will be released on a "certain" date is better than not knowing if it will be July or January.

5. ]: unregistered

i want the lg dare to come out now ! ]:

6. unregistered

Anyone have any guesses on the pricing for the VX9700?

17. billie jean unregistered

is the LG dare a slide? i seen pics but i dont knw it looks like the "venus"

21. unregistered

Nope, full screen touch screen device like the Prada or iPhone.

93. unregistered

it will cost $200 (includes online discount normally phone woujld be $250) and it is just a touch phone no flipping sliding or any other way

7. unregistered


8. unregistered

I wonder what the price will be if ur not renewing ur plan? like $500-600??

9. unregistered

Anyone know what the price will be with a two year plan? Or how much is the phone retail. Come on somebody has to know..

78. thatverizonguy unregistered

I work at Verizon and yes it will be less than 299.99 which was the starting price of the Voyager that is for a 2yr agreement I dont know what Full Retail Price will be but it will be released on the website and to be shipped Jun 26 and in stores July3

94. unregistered

With the two year plan it will be $250 and if you buy it on-line then you can save $50 dollars. So it would only cost $200. I CAN"T WAIT FOR THE PHONE!!! :)

10. unregistered

iphone 2, gonna be subsidized to $199, kicks all these phones to the curb

50. unregistered

3g iphone, gonna cost about $100 a month for 1 line on the cheapest plan (taxes included) nty.

95. unregistered

and besides, VERIZON is wayyyy better than AT&T

11. unregistered

LG Dare sure to be some competition for the iphone... it will be available on a way better network for sure. I would like to see more photos of the device though.

12. 9700 unregistered

The LG 9700 you need to realize isnt the iphone and the iphone isnt the 9700, apples and oranges/ make a list of what you actually do with a phone (like make calls) or want a sleek phone to showoff, or both and will to substitute a fashion statement (iphone) ... think about it..

56. unregistered

you are really freaking hard to understand. try rewriting that please..

96. unregistered

i have noooooooooo clue what u are saying.... think about it.....

103. unregistered

The Dare is a decent shot at an iPhone look-a-like, but not great. I hate AT&T, and if Verizon carried the iPhone, I would have had it by now. I bought a Dare in July and love it. The 3.2MP camera w/flash is good, the delay makes it hard to take awesome pics, but it's not bad. I'm not a huge fan of the browser, and I do think that it lacks the responsiveness and the 2 finger drag/zoom that the iPhone has. One big drawback for the touchscreen - nearly impossible to text w/out looking since there are no buttons to feel to figure out where your thumb is - expecially annoying when I'm driving 3 hours home for a weekend and people are texting me to see what I'm doing that night. Still the best Verizon phone that I've owned (v120e back in the day, v265 which sucked, and the KRZR that I loved until I lost 2 of them within a week and a half and couldn't wait for insurance papers to be processed). If the iPhone does ever come over from the dark side, I'll be all over it, until then I just hope that LG keeps trying. Oh, and I had the Voyager for a couple weeks... before I exchanged it for the Dare. The only reason I got it was because I wanted buttons instead of a touchscreen, then I found myself only using the outside touch screen to text, etc. Voyager = worthless (who needs and/or wants to pay for Mobile TV?).

13. Brent unregistered

Release dates are so ficticious. Does any phone company reach a release date ever. Im going to make my decision to switch to AT&T Ill be happy with the VU since the Dare could take forever to be released. Verizon is so obsessed with holidays and launching just before a holiday it will shoot itself in the foot. Verizon should know that people are getting there stimulus check before then and should release sooner. Gee nothing for Father's day. Either its going to be the Glyde or the VU it seems. I won't wait 50 months for a decent phone. Is Verizon trying to loose me as a customer.

14. Business Guy unregistered

YES! 1 in 4 people in the US have Verizon..... Do you really think they care about 1 person complaining about their phone

16. unregistered

yupp i think they do uh drrr

31. air1081 unregistered

Uh yea they care dum dum. It's called word of mouth if 1 in 4 have verizon and say a whole family switches your little ratio falls. You call yourself a business guy. WOW! Graduate from an online school probably. NO BUSINESS wants to loose customers!!! Go back to school and learn business. USC graduate

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