Update 4 with picture: LG VX9700 is Verizon’s PRADA-like phone

This article contains unofficial information.
Update 4 with picture: LG VX9700 is Verizon’s PRADA-like phone
Documents on the FCC site indicate that a new LG phone successfully passed the tests of the Commission. The LG VX9700 (VX means Verizon, doesn’t it?), is rumoured to be the variant of the manufacturer’s very popular PRADA phone. Similar to the Vu for AT&T, it won’t wear the fashion branding but will have a large touch display in slim body. Verizon already offers an LG touch phone, the Voyager, but it adds extra weight and size because of the clamshell design, dual displays, and full QWERTY.

Still, this information is not confirmed as the phone is not officially announced. Expect more updates in the future.

*Update 1* Sources are saying the VX9700 Dare is expected to be released in late Q2 (May-June) or early Q3 (July)
*Update 2* According to another of our sources, the camera is 3.2 mega pixels.
*Update 3* The 3.2MP camera uses a Schneider Kreuznach lens to provide higher quality pictures. On the left side of the phone is the microUSB port and on the right side is the microSDHC memory card slot. For text messaging, you can enter text by using T9 predictive, multi tap, or on-screen QWERTY.
*Update 4* Thanks to our source for providing us with an image of the VX9700 showing the Main Menu.

LG VX9700 Preliminary Specs

To see the full list of the upcoming Verizon phones and their expected availability dates, go to Verizon Upcoming Phones page.

In case anyone has any more interesting pics/info to share, please email us.

source: FCC



1. T-HUFF unregistered


152. unregistered

it will be awesome if it comes out soon if not poor verizon

179. unregistered

its comes out on july 3rd (thursday)

2. JOMama unregistered

^ lol But honestly, this is TOO late. when the prada came out it was cool, then the Viewty came out... Verizon is too slow.

187. unregistered

Well, LG released the Prada phone, saw how popular it was, released the Viewty, which is another LG to look like the Prada but be less expensive, then they released this, which is again supposed to look like the Prada/Viewty but be less expensive

3. Adam unregistered

okay?? first of all it would not be too late for verizon to get the prada..... and even if it was this phone is prada like! there is definately going to be changes with in the phone itself. so dont jump the gun on a phone being too late before any information is released! and this phone will appeal to different people than the voyager so it is necessary! aand like verizon has said before they will be releaseing many phones to compete with the Iphone, so this is just another option for those on the VZW network!

4. unregistered

sweet! can't wait. probably will take ages to be officially announced and realeased tho...

5. LordObento unregistered

I was reading that it might have a 3 MP shooter on it. I'm hoping they put MediaFLO on it too.

6. JC unregistered

Like post #3 said, Verizion is way to slow with new phones and inovation, thank you Get it Now! I love the Verizon network but I go to sleep every night wishing that Verizon had a more invovative approach when it comes to their phones instead of chasing the market one.

7. unregistered

doubtful, since when does verizon actually have awesome phones? ive been with verizon for years, and they have always disappointed me with their models, so i have to doubt this phone is going to be with verizon

8. unregistered

From what I have read, Verizon is working on having more innovative phones. One thing that people forget is that Verizon has high expectations of their service and equipment. Phones must pass the Verizon standards before they are allowed on the network. With that being said, I personally can appreciate waiting for cool phones to come out as long as the phones work. I left AT&T because the service sucked. The only good phone out is the Iphone and the Voyager. I prefer the Voyager because of the user experience and now the prada is coming? Nice....

9. elgee02 unregistered

I am surprised to see a VZW article on here that doesn't already have his VZW haterade spilled all over the place. The dude has an obsession. Anyways regarding the phone, I'm pretty curious to see this one myself.

10. George unregistered

I agree Verizon can be a little slow with the newest phones, but once they are out, they are usually GREAT. This phone will be more fashionable, thinner, and a nice alternative to the Voyager. I just hope they name it right. (Oh, and it probably is a Verizon phone since all the verizon phones are VX; no other company has that for their LG phones.) GO VERIZON!

11. DeebEe unregistered

Lol dude, old phone, very very disgusting touch ... who cares about the name?!

12. Horporoka unregistered

Actually, I think Telus (Canada) uses the VX name for there LG phones, too. Someone checkwww.telus.ca

13. Totoroka unregistered

No, Telus doesn't even use letters for the names, just the numbers. So the Chocolate is the 8500.

14. Mike unregistered

the Prada is pretty old, but it is said to be LIKE the Prada, not exactly the same thing. Who knows, maybe Verizon will change it and add new features, maybe a 3 megapixle-5 for it, saying as American phones don't usually have it. It is still a good addition to Verizon's line up tho.

15. sinfulta unregistered

It's all about choice... I don't understand why people still think Verizon has terrible phones? Have they seen there lineup lately? Some of the coolest and nicest phones in the industry with a huge selection to choose from. Like I said it's all about choice... So another option that appeals to a certain kind of person no matter what it is , is good for everyone.

16. LAWLitsBob unregistered

@Elgee02 Youre such a hypocrite its not even funny. Youre complaining about someone else hating on VZW when you always complain on Engadget about AT&T damnit! Back on topic, this is a nice phone! But isnt kinda sorta similar to the Vu?

17. elgee02 unregistered

Lawlitsbob, you are dead wrong. While I post on engadgetmobile quite often any AT&T hating I do is 95% of the time in defense of some mindless VZW hating. I don't post on articles about AT&T phones just to talk crap like steviecrackboy does on this site. I'm not a hater ;-)

18. Prada unregistered

I work for Verizon Wireless and yes we are getting this phone, it's scheduled for 3/31 but when I spoke with LG rep she adviced me it will probably be the middle of April. For all you PRADA lovers, this phone will unfortunately not have the PRADA logo in it. sowy and peace out. OH yeah there's also the samsung Glyde coming and it's amazing. :)

143. unregistered

Well it is now almost mid May. I don't think Verizon will make the March release date. Upon checking with Verizon, they have no knowledge regarding the 9700. Marketing by cell phone providers is just bewildering and totally not understandable on any level.

160. unregistered

estimated release on this is looking around july. My director has one o fthe test phones and i'veplayed with it. It's very very sweet!

19. GO.VERIZON! unregistered

I hope you are right...if you have any other info, can you post it...will this phone and the Glyde be cheaper than the Voyager? Verizon is finally getting a better line up.

20. someone unregistered

Prada: if you have any info about the VX9700, can you please send it to PA so they can publish it?

21. Prada unregistered

Hey guys. I can see that you are all as exited as I am for the new LG(prada) and Samsung Glyde. To answer both your questions: First, I doubt the price will be cheaper than the voayger, however the discounts are going to be good, the price is not final so I can't really tell you yet. Another good phone coming to VZW is the trouch, yes I have played with it at the Verizon Wireless sales kick off. Be ready for more upcoming surprises.

22. Gib unregistered

My favorite part is how there is an ATT ad for some crap-ass free phone next to this probably $300 contract Verizon phone.

23. unregistered

So prada, how soon can we expect some suprises (such as the touch :D)?

24. matrix2004 unregistered

Will the 9700 have a 3 inch screen and Mobile TV and a flash enbaled browser?

25. BIGGER AND BETTER unregistered

I work for VZW too... before you post any information, please know that you should learn how to speel before trying to stand ground. and wit is "sowy" come on. Go back to school. However this illerate person is correct. We are getting or version of the Prada and the Glyde as well.

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