First photo of the LG VX8560 and updated VX9700 image

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First photo of the LG VX8560 and updated VX9700 image
While the information regarding the LG VX8560 and VX9700 is a bit hard to come by, we were sent two of the best looking images of the devices that we've seen so far. The VX8560 is a flip phone and could possibly replace the current VX8700. From the image, we can see a TFT display on the front (with a camera lens above it) and a newly designed silver audio control, as well as a dedicated Music and Camera button on the right side.

The VX9700 will be Verizon's Prada-like phone featuring a large WQVGA touchscreen, 3.2MP camera with Schneider Kreuznach lens, on-screen QWERTY keypad, microUSB data port, and microSDHC memory card slot. From the new image we can see that the volume buttons will be on the right side, just below the microUSB port, and there is a third button at the bottom edge, possible a camera or smart button. Located under the touchscreen are the send, clear, and end buttons. There also appears to be a light sensor at the top-left, possibly to control the brightness of the display.

There are still no firm release dates or prices, but we've heard that the VX9700 slated for a mid-to-late Q2 launch (May, June), with the VX8560 coming soon after. It is also rumored that the VX9700 will be called the LG Dare and the VX8610 will be the LG Decoy. Remember to check our CTIA coverage (April 1-3) as upcoming devices are often displayed for the first time.

LG VX8560 Preliminary Specifications

LG Dare Preliminary Specifications

source: Howard Forums (VX8560,VX9700)



1. zoom unregistered

holy crap..first the 9700 is coming in late march..then I'm going and getting the AT&T Tilt

32. unregistered

Go with AT&T. Enjoy the Stinkular network.

2. LordObento unregistered

8560 is a Flip?

3. nate unregistered

There's no reason to assume that this 8650 is going to replace the Chocolate. This picture was just revealed today, on Hofo, with no accompanying information. If anything, I'd guess this will replace the 8700.

4. unregistered

flip makes me happy i wanted the 8600 forever so now im thinkin this 8560 might be the way to go

5. duncan Auld unregistered

the vx9700 is sexy but the vx8560 is ugly. Im so getting the vx9700!

6. Damon unregistered

Call me crazy, but doesn't the 8560 look like a clamshell? How is this going to replace the Chocolate?

7. RAS unregistered

I'm relieved after seeing these high quality photos. The low quality one posted earlier made me think the VX9700 was going to be gay!

8. George unregistered

wow..these phones look soo fricken awsome. Verizon's line up keeps getting more and more awsome!

9. duncan Auld unregistered

omg at&t is getting like the vu wich is like the same to the vx9700

10. unregistered

The AT&T Vu has a 2MP cam and Mobile TV MediaFLO. The VX9700 has a 3.2MP camera and no Mobile TV MediaFLO.

11. lessthanzach unregistered

This is not going to be an attempt at replacing the chocolate I don't think. I work for VZ Dub and as far as I know, the 8610 is supposed to be the next Chocolate. But I don't know for sure cuz as far as I know the 8610 is not really meant to be an all out music I guess maybe neither of these will replace the chocolate. YOu have to remember the chocolate hasn't even been out for a year yet so it will probably stick around for some time....

12. unregistered

Im really hoping this 8560 (gosh these numbers are getting confusing nowadays) comes in other colors. Bright red and blue? That isn't going to sell. They need something a little sleeker and less like a kids phone. Black sounds like every other phone, but it looks good.

13. matrix2004 unregistered

According to a Verizon insider on HOFO, that color scheme doesn't look like the current one being tested. it must be a an earlier prototype.

14. DeeBee unregistered

The VX8560 is amazing. It looks awesome, i want it

15. unregistered

the glyde is supposed to come out by the end of next month, not the 9700, that has been known to be comming out afterwards. its a good year to be with verizon :D i cant wait till they unlock the service so i can fiddle with my voyager!

16. Dexter unregistered

I highly doubt the VX8560 is going to replace the VX8700. It is more akin to the VX8600's relationship to the original VX8500. A flip-phone Chocolate more like, especially with the controls on the front.

17. SomeGuy unregistered

You work for Verizon and say the Chocolate is only out a year? Chocolate has been out since 06. Last I looked, it was 08. And I believe the 9700 is actually going to be the Decoy (so more rumors have said) and the Dare may not be a name anymore. Ya know when we'll know? When it's announced at CTIA

31. unregistered

The old chocolate 8500 came out in 06 and the new chocolate 8550 came out in 07.

18. unregistered

the 8560 is going to be the replacement to the is going to be the chocolate flip while the 8700 was the shine flip....from the looks of it...that silver circular music navigation will be a scroll wheel just like that of the chocolate....hopefully it will have enhanced abilities on the external display since it looks huge...not as big as the razr 2 but as big as the razr maxx ve maybe ? as for the looks gorgeous ! however the voyager will still out do it with an equally great design and a keyboard !!!!! but i believe the dare will be an alternative to the flipshot for people who want to have a touchscreen....however, an 'on screen keyboard' will most definatly be in landscape mode which is like the keyboard on the voyager in the web browser....the on screen keyboards on this phone will be less advanced then the i phones and suck....if your a big text messenger go for the voyager !....and as for the glyde ? it is chubby, has a very blocky interserface, and has a weird keyboard....overall verizon is definatly doing better with their phones....the only company in america that has 2, 3.2 megapixel camera phones !!!!!!

19. unregistered

i think they're calling the 8560 decoy because it looks like an mp3 player, but is really a phone.

20. unregistered

Looking at the new Verizon rebates from today through 6/15/08, i see the LG Decoy on there but no other new LGs except the Env2.

33. unregistered

The 8560 will be called the "Chocolate Flip" and is scheduled for release in July. It's not a smart phone, will use Mobile Web 2, but will have an FM transmitter and there will be over 3million songs available to take advantage of it's MP3 capability.

21. unregistered

wtf? this is insane! first it was march. now MAY FOR THE GLYDE? IVE BEEN WAITING FOREVER! MY CONTRACT IS UP IN A FEW DAYS! jeezz.

22. John unregistered

I know... this site would be so much sweeter if there were even more ads plastered all over it and in between the specs of phones and stuff.

23. techfanatic unregistered

The 8610 is not a replacement for any LG/VZ handset. It is all new. Trust me, I know.

24. cookie monster unregistered

the dare isnt planned to come out until after june 15th. new phones coming before june 15th are lg decoy, enV2 in black and maroon, motorola w755 in regular and purple, nokia 6305 blue silver and black, palm centro, blackberry curve, samsung glyde, 740 in silver, and an audiovox compass. this may not matter about anything, because for the february rebate the glyde was one it, but never came out, maybe they were thinking an early release or something. theres nothing about a dare or anything, so i wouldnt expect that until after mid june.

25. vzwemp87 unregistered

lol the 8560 is not being called the decoy read the above better i mean come on the 8610 is being called the decoy pay closer attention!

26. George unregistered

The Dare BETTER come out b4 June. I hope Phone Arena is right in saying it is coming out in April.

27. unregistered

Excellent point. the Glyde was on the previous rebates forms. So i hope they did plan on an early release but now are gonna get it out NOW!

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