Update time: HTC One M9 scores improved camera performance, better battery life in some regions

When you think of HTC's flagship, the One M9, you're probably associating it with unpleasant issues, like generally underperforming camera and overheating in lots of scenarios, which are certainly marring HTC's image in front of consumers.

Of course, this is one of the chief reasons why the Taiwanese manufacturer is having a hard time and bleeding red ink at the moment. Certainly, the phone slinger is aware of its flagship device's issues and is doing everything in its power to further fix them.

That said, a new firmware update is rolling out for the HTC One M9 for users situated in Europe, Africa, or the Middle East. Update 1.40.401.5 is not based on Android 5.1 Lollipop, but is bringing a host of nice improvements to the handset, mostly centered around the camera performance, battery life, and heat management. 

In the camera department, the update brings a greater auto-exposure balance, which aims to improve the overexposure and hence make images look less washed out. What's more, the low-light camera performance should be getting an improvement, as noise reduction and blur in unfavorable light conditions is reportedly improved, thus improving overall image detail.

Finally, the yellow/green hue is also reduced, making images shot in "extreme lighting conditions" look closer to the real deal.

In the battery life department, HTC says it has reduced the power consumption for certain popular apps (YouTube and Facebook). As we said, the heat management has also been finely tuned, reducing the emitted heat while the device is getting charged.

The update will probably hit you shortly if you are sporting an HTC One M9 and reside in said regions. Has it hit you yet? Any impressions? Fell free to share with us!

source: AnandTech

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