Update for the Galaxy S20 series rolls out to correct the green screen tinting glitch

Update for the Galaxy S20 series rolls out to correct the green screen tinting glitch
Last week, plenty of Galaxy S20 Ultra users took to Reddit and Samsung's Community forums to report a nasty bug that caused their screens to glow green, which wasn't there before. It was apparently caused by an update, and only affected users with the Exynos version of the S20 Ultra, under certain conditions.

This added to some users' disappointment of getting an Exynos Galaxy S20 Ultra in the first place, but as it is still a flagship $1,400 smartphone, we expected Samsung to take notice and correct the issue swiftly.

Now, users in Germany are reportedly first to get a new update for the S20 series, which, although it doesn't specifically mention it in the update description, does indeed correct this bug, according to SamMobile. Information from Samsung accompanying the update merely mentions "device stability improvements, bug fixes" and "new and / or enhanced features" without any specifics. Galaxy S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra users in other countries are expected to receive the update soon, which can be triggered by going to Settings, and Software Update, when available.

Just a few days ago, Samsung pulled the previous update which seemingly caused the issue, from its servers, making sure no further users end up installing it. After that update, Exynos versions of the S20 Ultra would show the aforementioned green tinting, or glow, when the smartphone is set to 120Hz and screen brightness is at 25% or above, with low battery also seemingly triggering it.

If the new update that patches this issue makes it to more regions soon, we can certainly say that Samsung took notice and reacted accordingly in a quick manner, which is to be commended. But it's also to be expected, as the Galaxy S20 Ultra became a great seller in the new S20 line up, with predictions of 6 million units to be sold, equating to 6 million users wanting a great experience for that $1,400 price.
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