Update brings improvements to the search engine and interface of Waze

Update brings improvements to the search engine and interface of Waze
Since the crowdsourced navigation app Waze was bought out by Google several months ago, we've witnessed several acts of fusion between Waze and Google Maps, causing each of them to borrow some of the other's unique features. At first, the Mountain View giant added Waze's accident reports feature to both the iOS and Android versions of the Google Maps app. Then Google Search was implemented into Waze and became the default search engine. Yet, the user experience was not quite top-notch, because Google's engine in Waze lacked several little, but useful features.

Well, it looks like this shouldn't be an issue anymore, because the latest update for both the Android and iOS versions of Waze fixes the small flaw in the search engine. Several anticipated features, such as an auto-complete function for addresses, favorites, contacts and history has been added to the crowdsourcing app. What's more, users will now be able to add stops to their routes more smoothly.

Apart from the changes under the hood, the looks of Waze are polished, too. The interface of the app has been thoroughly simplified and optimized for quick and easy access to most of its basic functions.

Of course, Waze has received the usual optimizations and bug fixes. Alas, there is no info whether or when the Windows Phone version of the app will receive a similar refreshing update.

Download: Waze (iOS | Android | Windows Phone)

source: Engadget
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