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Two days of work results in the Palm Pre running Firefox

Two days of work results in the Palm Pre running Firefox
It's not to say that the web browser on the Pre isn't bad, but it probably was filled with some kind of jealousy after Firefox was recently found running on the device. Even though the Motorola MILESTONE was able to accomplish the same thing previously, the Pre was equally capable of doing the same thing – but probably not as smooth as one would've hoped for. The work was done by one of the the developers for Mozilla working on Firefox, Dave Townsend, which was concocted over the course of two days as he was able to port over the Android version of Firefox into webOS. It might be fine and dandy that it's up and running on the handset, but there are noticeable imperfections with it that make the experience buggy. Although some would love to attempt the same instructions on getting Firefox onto the Pre, Townsend hasn't let out anything yet due to the fact that this is just his hobby project and nowhere close to an alpha level. Nonetheless, it just goes to show that there is the potential for it to happen on the Pre, but trying to get the Firefox UI onto the Pre's screen is work in itself.

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source: PreCentral


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