Fans manage to run Firefox Mobile on the Motorola MILESTONE

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Fans manage to run Firefox Mobile on the Motorola MILESTONE
We have already reported that Mozilla suspended the development of Firefox for Windows Mobile and announced it would focus on versions for Android and Maemo instead. However, it's still anzyone's guess when the first official version rolls out, since all we have seen to date are pictures of the application running on the Nexus One and Motorola DROID.

It seems, however, that eager fans of the operating system are tired of waiting for Mozilla's product and have taken it to heart to see Mozilla Mobile (codename Fennec) run on their favourite devices right away. Videos showing the browser in action, on the Motorola MILESTONE, have recently surfaced at Android Forums. As you can see for yourself, the program is definitely unfit for the wide audience and plagued by a number of software bugs. For an instance, it does not support screen keyboards. Still, you can download the browser and check it at your own risk to help the overly eager Android fans optimize it. The software is available via this link.

via Android Forums



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