Two Samsung ads found to be the most effective during the Academy Awards telecast

Two Samsung ads found to be the most effective during the Academy Awards telecast
Analytics firm Ace Metrix has a tool used to measure the effectiveness of television ads. Called the "Ace Score", the number takes into account things like "relevance, persuasion, watchability, information" and attention," and runs from 0 to 950. During Sunday's Academy Awards telecast, Samsung finished first and second on a list of the top ten ads from the awards show. The number one spot, with a score of  686, was the Korean based manufacturer's commercial for its "phablet", the Samsung GALAXY Note LTE. In second was Samsung's ad for its Samsung SmarTV, which finished only 21 points behind the top commercial.

Samsung has managed to shake up the usually staid advertising world recently by running a series of television ads that make fun of the typical Apple iPhone fan. The ads even invented a new put down phrase, "Dude, you're a barista," in response to an iPhone user who said he was too creative to own a Samsung Galaxy S II. The series continued through Super Bow Sunday when Samsung ran a 90 second spot for the Samsung GALAXY Note LTE that ended with all of the Apple iPhone users ditching their device for the new "phablet" with the 5.3 inch screen. Actually, one iPhone user remained a hold out and ended up sitting on the line for the next iPhone all by himself. Who was that? Our friend, the barista. You can see that spot again by clicking on the video below.

Another ad for a mobile device that made the top ten was Sprint's spot for its unlimited data service which features the Apple iPhone 4S and asks why anyone would want to put limits on Apple's smartphone. That ad scored 618 and finished fifth. Apple finished in a tie for sixth with its "Road Trip" ad which showed off the number of ways that Apple's voice activated/personal assistant Siri can be of use to an Apple iPhone 4S user on vacation. That spot tied Subway with 615 points. The very next ad on the list was also for the Apple iPhone and finished with 602 points. In ninth place was an ad for a waterproof tablet from AT&T which scored 599 points and rounding out the top ten with 593 points was Sprint's commercial showing a woman using data wherever she goes.

Not including Google's third place ad for Google+, out of the top ten commercials shown during the Academy Awards, six were for  mobile device. If you've watched any amount of television lately, you would see that many ads during highly-rated prime time shows are for smartphones or tablets.

source: CNET


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