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Barista misses out on Samsung GALAXY Note LTE in new Samsung ad

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Barista misses out on Samsung GALAXY Note LTE in new Samsung ad
Ok, you waited all week for the new Samsung GALAXY Note LTE ad and it has just aired during the waning moments of the Super Bowl's fourth quarter. The ad starts with all of those Apple iPhone users waiting on line. "I can't believe we're missing the game for this," says one of those iPhone fans who was seen waiting in the line on a prior ad. Suddenly, those on line spot a guy using the S Pen to write a message on the screen of the Samsung GALAXY Note LTE. "Samsung, again," says someone while a female in the line says, "I don't know what to believe in anymore."

Suddenly, the fences holding back those on line are kicked away (subliminal message!) and as the Apple iPhone users burst out of the line, a Samsung GALAXY Note LTE falls into each of their hands. "Freedom!," cries one of the converted iPhone users (from the closed iOS system?). There is a rock guitarist, marching band and skateboarders all celebrating the Samsung GALAXY Note as those formerly clutching the iPhone are now taking pictures with the GALAXY Note LTE. And even that guy who was "Sam-sunged" in one of the recent Samsung ads is seen getting blown out of a cannon.

And that leaves our old friend, the barista. As the ad ends, he is left all alone on line for the iPhone saying his parting words, "Now that was over the top." 

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source: Samsung

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