Two Chinese men each planned on selling a kidney in order to buy the Apple iPhone 6s

Two Chinese men each planned on selling a kidney in order to buy the Apple iPhone 6s
According to China Daily, two Chinese men identified as Wu and Huang both wanted an Apple iPhone 6s. There is nothing wrong with that, except for the fact that the pair did not have the necessary funds to make such a purchase. So Huang came up with an idea. Both men would sell one of their kidneys to raise the needed capital. After all, the men could live with only one kidney, but they couldn't live without the iPhone 6s.

Scouring the internet, Wu and Huang found an 'agent' who was willing to arrange the transaction. The agent requested that both men be checked out at a hospital in Nanjing, just to make sure the kidneys being offered were functioning correctly. This past Saturday, both men appeared at the hospital, but the agent failed to show.

Wu might have taken the agent's absence at the hospital as a sign that he should reconsider this illegal plan. He told his pal to drop the whole thing. But when Huang refused to pull the plug on this wacky scheme, Wu ended up ratting out his friend to the authorities. Huang ended up fleeing and cannot be found.

If you want a new Apple iPhone 6s or Apple iPhone 6s Plus, you are definitely not alone. Apple says that all indications lead to the conclusion that initial weekend sales of the new models will top the 10 million units that were rung up over last year's opening weekend. But there are better ways to finance the purchase of either new iPhone model than by selling part of your body.

via: BGR

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1. johanbiff

Posts: 415; Member since: Mar 31, 2015

thats it...I´v lost all faith in humanity, period!

13. Kame_Hame_Haaaaa

Posts: 360; Member since: Jul 29, 2015

This only show iPhone attrack stupid people???

16. gustavoace

Posts: 187; Member since: Nov 13, 2012

This only show how stupid people can be.. it is not Apples or anyone else fault. These men have nothing s**t in their brains.

23. Nathan_ingx

Posts: 4769; Member since: Mar 07, 2012

Re-deja vu!

79. neela_akaash

Posts: 1239; Member since: Aug 05, 2014

Then what other body part they will sell to buy the iPhone 7....

80. neela_akaash

Posts: 1239; Member since: Aug 05, 2014

Then iPhone 7S....

81. neela_akaash

Posts: 1239; Member since: Aug 05, 2014

Then iPhone 8....

40. Jonas_london

Posts: 26; Member since: Dec 02, 2014

Yes those lads have no hindsight.... At the time of iphone 7 release they will be left with a kidney each...

57. duartix

Posts: 311; Member since: Apr 01, 2014

Don't worry, Jonas. By the time the iPhone 7 is out, they can sell half their brains. They won't notice any difference in performance.

70. cheetah2k

Posts: 2297; Member since: Jan 16, 2011

And then they sell the other kidney for the i7 too.... LOL...

65. xondk

Posts: 1904; Member since: Mar 25, 2014

See this is where I would have to question that, because Apple's marketing is build around making you feel like you cannot do without their product, that it is the most important thing that exists and best product out there. And well clearly these people believe that.

83. gustavoace

Posts: 187; Member since: Nov 13, 2012

I'm not a Apple fan, but this hardly is apples fault. Is the same if you blame H&K for the deaths with their guns. I hope they sell both kidneys and don't have any children... otherwise Darwin would be so uncomfortable in his grave

22. gaming64 unregistered

No, it's the people with splattered iFan brains that are attracted. I don't know why but people should stop making the iPhone a status symbol now because it's frickin annoying and just makes me, darkk, Wiencon or other people here look downright stupid.

42. TechieXP1969

Posts: 14967; Member since: Sep 25, 2013

But ifans will deny they are stupid. Instead of just maybe working an extra job for the money because you are to poor to buy the phone, you will go and sell a kidney for it? What type of loser do you have to be, to risk a surgery that you dont even need to buy a frikkin phone. This is just more proof of how people are enslaved to stupidity and how ignorant they are over gadgets.

63. Mister-Z-

Posts: 175; Member since: Sep 07, 2015

Not over gadget, but to be slaved to Apple.

32. PorkyBurger

Posts: 585; Member since: May 18, 2013

you have lost faith in whole HUMANITY because of two retarded people? well f u too. :P jk

37. King_bilo

Posts: 115; Member since: May 20, 2015

Why this is scary is that through aggressive advertising, apple was able to make people willing to risk their lives for something.. What if this same technique is available with enough capital to advertise something more sinister.a cause that could wipe out's the kicker. It probably is. Since the dawn of civilisation people have killed themselves over stuff they believed in . the methods of indoctrination are changing but the results are the same.. Complete obsession to the point of death

43. TerryTerius unregistered

If people are stupid enough to kill themselves for an inanimate object, then we're better off as a species that they eliminated themselves.

66. MSi_GS70 unregistered

u see what apple doing with ppl ? espec. chinese ppl ?

67. xdza1979

Posts: 296; Member since: Aug 08, 2015

Relax dude , just fake Apple propaganda like each year.

68. DoggyDangerous

Posts: 1028; Member since: Aug 28, 2015

thats plain stupid. They will get bored with iphone soon. Human nature, cant remain excited with one thing forever. What they will do then? when their excitement hormones which are boiling high at moment will come to normal. Then they will repent. Stupidity at its best.

78. gsg97115991

Posts: 16; Member since: Aug 26, 2015

You know , in China most people can't afford to buy new iphone 6s

2. ankiipankii

Posts: 81; Member since: Jun 21, 2013

i am also selling one kidney and one testicle for ipad pro retina :D

18. Scott93274

Posts: 6040; Member since: Aug 06, 2013

Harvesting from the homeless? Solving two issues in one fell swoop. Nice.

51. dimas

Posts: 3419; Member since: Jul 22, 2014

Make it two testicles for the ipad apple pencil. Gonna sell my freshly shaved moustache for an ipod.

3. Kruze

Posts: 1285; Member since: Dec 30, 2014


4. Sovat_fc

Posts: 224; Member since: Aug 30, 2014

It's a phone dudes! (sigh)

5. kamil

Posts: 118; Member since: Feb 07, 2012

just sell your damned soul while you're at it

7. mixedfish

Posts: 1567; Member since: Nov 17, 2013

Can't sell what you don't have.

48. AZNHA unregistered


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