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Two Chinese men each planned on selling a kidney in order to buy the Apple iPhone 6s

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Two Chinese men each planned on selling a kidney in order to buy the Apple iPhone 6s
According to China Daily, two Chinese men identified as Wu and Huang both wanted an Apple iPhone 6s. There is nothing wrong with that, except for the fact that the pair did not have the necessary funds to make such a purchase. So Huang came up with an idea. Both men would sell one of their kidneys to raise the needed capital. After all, the men could live with only one kidney, but they couldn't live without the iPhone 6s.

Scouring the internet, Wu and Huang found an 'agent' who was willing to arrange the transaction. The agent requested that both men be checked out at a hospital in Nanjing, just to make sure the kidneys being offered were functioning correctly. This past Saturday, both men appeared at the hospital, but the agent failed to show.

Wu might have taken the agent's absence at the hospital as a sign that he should reconsider this illegal plan. He told his pal to drop the whole thing. But when Huang refused to pull the plug on this wacky scheme, Wu ended up ratting out his friend to the authorities. Huang ended up fleeing and cannot be found.

If you want a new Apple iPhone 6s or Apple iPhone 6s Plus, you are definitely not alone. Apple says that all indications lead to the conclusion that initial weekend sales of the new models will top the 10 million units that were rung up over last year's opening weekend. But there are better ways to finance the purchase of either new iPhone model than by selling part of your body.

via: BGR


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