Twitter is slowing down the rollout of its new “Fleets” feature due to performance issues

Twitter is slowing down the rollout of its new “Fleets” feature due to performance issues
Twitter has launched globally its Instagram-story-like feature, called “Fleets” just several days ago, and now, Engadget reports that if you don’t have it yet, you might not get it as soon as you would have expected. Apparently, the social media platform is experiencing stability issues with the new feature and its rollout will be slowed down, for the engineers to take care of some bugs.

The post by Twitter Support announced the slow-down of the rollout and stated that they are doing so in order to fix some stability and performance issues. The post does not detail what issues have been surfacing, and it does not detail a new rollout date for the accounts that did not get the new feature yet. It does, however, state that the feature may come to you in "a few days".

“Fleets” is a feature that will allow Twitter users to post something resembling Instagram or Snapchat Story, which will be available on the platform for 24 hours, and could be text, video, or photo. That way, Twitter believes users will have an easier time sharing their ‘floating’ thoughts without being afraid that those will then circulate forever on the social media platform. Apparently, Fleets cannot be quoted, replied to, or even liked.


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