Treo 800w coming to Sprint July 13th

Treo 800w coming to Sprint July 13th
Sprint appears poised to launch the Treo 800w on July 13th. The device is no surprise, since we've seen it many times, but it's good to finally have a date. In case you need a refresher, the 800w will be launching with Windows Mobile 6.1 and includes EVDO Rev. A, Wi-Fi and GPS. The Curve will also get a red makeover and should be available on the same day. Lastly, the Best Buy exclusivity on the blue LG Rumor seems to be ending and should be available in all channels on July 27th.

Treo 800w Preliminary Specifications



1. VZW Employee unregistered

Man another Treo phone... After having a Treo 700wx and a 755p I'm not a big fan of treo anymore. I have had such a bad experience with both phones and also seen other people having bad issues with Treo's that I believe is one of the most unreliable PDA out there.

2. unregistered

blackberry gots a lock on the game... so samsung motorola and oh yea palm/treo can be the quote un quote "compitetion" windows eh' so whos got the most reliable platform,, blacberry thunder... touch that... eh em...

3. unregistered

The only reason anyone needs a treo is a real estate agents who dont want to carry around an ekey

10. lizahouse47 unregistered

will the treo 800w work to unlock key boxes for real estate

11. sit2k unregistered

check with supraekey site for compatability. i use the xv6800 for lock boxes. i would love to use the i760 instead but no irda makes it difficult

4. unregistered

WHats up with the weird color? what kind of customer are they going after? I heard Verizon's will be metallic teal (out in september) ... yuck!

5. unregistered

Under the release date section of the chart above: What does "BP" mean? Available 7/9/08 at BP and 7/13/08 in all other channels

9. unregistered

I was wondering the same thing. My best guess is "Business Partners", but it's only a guess. Any body out there know for sure?

6. unregistered

Treo is still the solid PDA in the market. Looks are a matter of opinion, and I would put this up agains a Blackberry any day (I have used both Blackberry's and Treos). It looks practically the same short of the color. Plus, you don't get raped for the $30 a month Blackberry fee. You can get any type email, any time, for the same data price (no price difference between personal email and enterprise email). I agree that Palm could have taken the updating of this phone much further than it has, but it is a great release of a Treo nonetheless.

7. unregistered

What is the $30 a month Blackberry fee???

8. unregistered

There's an additional data plan for the Blackberry devices. You can either pay per KB or pay $30/mo for unlimited data. This is separate from any data plan offered by your carrier (Sprint, Verizon, Cingular, etc.), and must be paid even if you have unlimited data from your carrier.

12. unregistered

Yeah, that Blackberry fee is ridiculous and has kept me from buying a Blackberry on Sprint. Why pay $30 dollars to get email or $40 to get sync with BES.

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