Palm Treo 800w a potential newcomer to Sprint

Palm Treo 800w a potential newcomer to Sprint
An image of a Sprint Roadmap, showing the Palm Treo 800w appeared on July is indicated as the month of the possible release for the device. The Treo 800w specifications on the roadmap, match the previously rumored info. It points out that the new Sprint addition will replace the 700w, it will be WM 6 based and will have an autonomous GPS integrated. If the image is authentic, there are going to be two versions of the WiFi capable Treo 800w – with and without camera. The second variant will be excellent for companies with camera restrictions. However, the genuineness of the image cannot be proved and no additional info is available at the moment.

source: SprintUsers via PDAnews



1. HAHAHA unregistered

Whoever posted this from Sprint is getting fired...

2. unregistered

i wouldnt doubt it...that stuffs classified...

3. guy unregistered

its a fake, sprint wouldnt release something with fake info....

4. dave unregistered

why does the pic say that the curve is the 8830 when it is the 8330???

5. HAHAHA unregistered

Its not fake it was released by an employee who thought it "wasnt a big deal"

6. Scott unregistered

Why is no one else pointing out another obvious reason that it's probably not accurate/from sprint etc? Why would they show a july release phone on a roadmap Q1 roadmap? First phone on here, February in the February section, 2nd phone on here April in the April section, 3rd phone on here July in the April section - makes ZERO sense. If this is a valid sprint roadmap (that is it's "real" so to speak) the person that created it is a moron.

7. Tehran unregistered

No one is going get fired. Sprint is leaking this info on purpose to keep customers and show people what they got instore for the future. They are giving people just enought to keep them wanting more and looking forward to the future. The service and customer service is terrible, but they have the best phones feature and cosmatic wise. No one beat their Vision services and internet.

8. unregistered

This is as Fake as a Gas Pump selling gas for $1 the gallon... Look at the DESIGN of the "roadmap"... it is pporly designed.... I think the backgrounds could have been yellow... I think any high-end corporate company pays well to the Development Team to make serious and good-looking templates and.... you know... reports.... Not this cheap Photoshop - not to say Paint - material....

9. unregistered

wheres the samsung Instinct? how come it looks like a 5 year old pasted pictures on a piece of cardboard?

10. unregistered

treo 800w july 13

11. unregistered

July 13, 2008

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