Sprint adds fourth color to the Rumor palate

Sprint adds fourth color to the Rumor palate
The Rumor originally launched in black and white, meanwhile, green was added in time for St. Patrick's day. Now that summer is just around the corner, LG is bringing a blue Rumor to Sprint. Other than the face-lift, the blue version remains identical to the previous three, featuring a 1.3-megapixel camera, microSD expansion and of course, the side-sliding QWERTY keyboard. The blue Rumor is currently available exclusively at Best Buy, though the press release makes no mention of exclusivity so like the pink Muziq it may show up in all channels soon.

LG Rumor Specifications | Review

source: Sprint



1. unregistered

Shame is a best buy exclusive i'd love to be able to sell another color =s

3. unregistered

The Pink Muziq was a Best Buy exclusive, but then it made its way to mainstream channels...maybe this will too

2. unregistered

love the new color i'm getting it

4. unregistered

soon walmart is getting the yellow one and radioshack is getting a red one

5. sprint_2007 unregistered

The Rumor is now offered in blue with silver interior. This new color is a Best Buy exclusive for 60 days before being offered in other channels. The blue Rumor launches in Best Buy on 5/25/08 and all other Sprint channels starting on 7/27/08

6. unregistered

DAMN...THIS PHONE IS FUGLY AS HELL!....................................and Sprint is garbage!!!!!!!!!!

7. JoeyStyles

Posts: 78; Member since: May 11, 2008

Im not going to hate on sprint as a company but no 3g, this phone sucks

8. unregistered

how exciting! Finally another color, now people can complain all day long about how bad this one sucks too!! Goodness, people buy a cheap phone and and want the moon, what else is new?

9. unregistered

This is released as a Best Buy exclusive but will hit ALL sales channels i believe on the 29th of July.

10. Aqua_Gypsy unregistered

I really want this phone. I am getting the LG Rumor sometime in August of 2008. I was wondering if the blue and silver rumor (this one) will sell just as cheap as the white, green, and black rumor in the Sprint stores and Sprint.com. Thanks for all of your help!

11. Tifany unregistered

I just got the blue Rumor on Saturday 7/26/08 at our local Sprint store. The pictures do not do it justice. The blue is very cool. It is pretty close to the colro blue on the keyboard of the black Rumor. I had it in green, but exchanged it for the Blue. I absolutely love this phone. Also in response to the person who said they do not get notified if they have an IM. My phone lets me know that I have a message if someone sends me an IM. It notifies me the same way it does when I have a tesxt message.

12. Rumor619 unregistered

This is really cool. When I saw it I loved it cuz my friends have the other colors so i'm gonna get the blue one and the four of us will have the same phone but different colors.

13. unregistered

i love these phones me and my family have the same ones i have blue dad black mom green they are all really awsome

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