First spy-photo of the Treo 800w

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First spy-photo of the Treo 800w
A spy photo of a prototype is the first live image of the Treo 800w. Initially, a low-resolution stock photo appeared, backed up by the first information on its specifications. The new larger image shows the same look (with minor changes), but in a different color option. Its design language is a cross between the Centro and the Treo, yet typical for Palm. No new information is given on the specifications, except that it would use a microUSB connector. We know it is a Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional smartphone with a 320x320 display and operates in CDMA/EV-DO networks. The rumors mention July 22 as release date for Sprint, but one can never be sure.

Palm Treo 800w Preliminary Specifications

via Gizmodo



1. JoeyStyles

Posts: 78; Member since: May 11, 2008

Okay Okay Okay, Palm is stupid this is basically the same phone since the 650 with an intenta, Look the Centro sells so how about you release a windows verison of the centro, and also fire your phone designers because they are stuck thinking this POS will sell and sprint is dropping this, we all knew they were done but this one is the dagger

2. some guy unregistered

its basically the same design as any blackberry, the Q, the the problem here?

3. whatif unregistered

I guess No.1 didn't read that it has windows mobile 6.1 os and it is only slightly bigger then the centro which it in facts looks like the centro.If only people take the time to read.

4. TreoSpy unregistered

I agree, people need to take the time to read. Its bigger and faster than the Centro. The buttons actually light up and it's a Treo. The Centro is the child. Windows Mobile Professional 6.1 is a great addition that the Centro lacks. This is definitely going to sell if you are a true Treo fan

5. JoeyStyles

Posts: 78; Member since: May 11, 2008

okay #3 and #4 you got me on the size but here is a fact there aren't that many real Treo fans any more. Some are fans of the palm software and sell a product you have to make it appeling to everyone at a reasonable price, this phone is going to be about 300 bucks (after 2 yr agreement and rebate), when from what you 2 say, this is basically the windows verison of the centro. palm is making a mistake by launching this over priced and extremely delayed device, thats why blackberry is cleaning up right now on sales because they found a way to make the blackberry a personal device at a resonable price. The centro works because of the price. The 800 will fail because of the price.And one more thing if palm was smart they would of brought the 500v (the Vodaphone centro with windows mobile) and just added a touch screen and made it CDMA, that would make since because it would be the same price as the Palm os centro

6. unregistered

how can i send pictures in a text message to other cell phones that are not sprint?

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