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Time to make the donuts; T-Mobile's Behold II gets Android 1.6 upgrade

Time to make the donuts; T-Mobile's Behold II gets Android 1.6 upgrade
Some executives at Samsung and T-Mobile must have thought that the Behold II would sell. Perhaps more alarmingly, they must have felt that the dice roll UI would be considered cutting edge. Needless to say, the Behold II did not become the big seller that someone thought it would be. And while the device will not get to share in the Android 2.x updates that other models have received, from last night through June 25th, an OTA upgrade will be bringing Android 1.6 (Donuts) to the device. So what goodies will this upgrade install? Google Maps Navigation, Google Voice Search, Swype, Media Player improvements, updates for core Android applications, improved Bluetooth support and other useful applications and fixes are part of the upgrade. T-Mobile has voiced the rallying cry, "No Phones left behind" and while other Samsung devices with similar specs will get updated to 2.x, the manufacturer says that Android 1.6 is the line that the Behold II cannot cross.

Samsung Behold II T-939 Specifications | Review

source: T-Mobile


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