Time running out for Apple to embed Touch ID on iPhone 8; premium model could cost $1,200 or more

Time running out for Apple to embed Touch ID on iPhone 8; premium model could cost $1,200 or more
According to a trio of analysts from KeyBanc Capital Markets named Andy Hargreaves, John Vinh and Josh Beck, time is running out on Apple if the company plans on embedding Touch ID under the screen of the Apple iPhone 8. A note issued by the three to KeyBanc clients indicates that Apple has until next month to get Touch ID to work under the screen with the same speed and accuracy that iPhone users expect from the feature.

The note was acquired by financial publication Barron's and says that Apple continues to struggle producing a fingerprint sensor that works under the display. The company has a 12-week window to order the proper integrated circuits for an embedded Touch ID, and start producing the phone. That means that Apple would have to solve any problems with this feature by August in order to launch the 10th anniversary model by November.

While a delay in launching the phone is not the number one choice, it beats other solutions such as placing a Touch ID button on the back of the handset. Recent rumors suggest that Apple could eliminate Touch ID altogether and rely on a face recognition system to unlock the phone and verify identification. The analysts say in their note that face recognition probably wouldn't work well with Apple Pay at this time.

While a delay seems likely, the analysts say that Apple could push back the launch of the iPhone 8 to mid-November without harming the entire cycle. A delay past mid-November is likely to negatively affect the expected results for fiscal year 2018, which starts this coming October. Speaking of the launch of the Apple iPhone 8, tech follower John Gruber said today that he expects the entry level version of the iPhone 8 to start at in a price range of $1,199 to $1,249 for a base model with 64GB of storage. A version with 256GB of storage could be available for $1,299 to $1,399.

You hear the sound of a clock ticking? That is the time counting down before Apple must make a decision about what to do with the iPhone 8 and Touch ID. It might be the most important decision Apple will make this year.

source: Barron's, CNBC via BGR

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1. Mreveryphone

Posts: 1834; Member since: Apr 22, 2014

There has been nothing shown so far as to where this phone should cost $1200... Nothing...

2. Landon

Posts: 1245; Member since: May 07, 2015

$1,299 for a phone?! Go home, Apple. You're drunk.

20. Nopers unregistered

They could do it tbh and it will still sell in similar quantities. $1,299 is about £1,000 marked up to £1,299 because of tax. Doesn't really put me off.

27. ibend

Posts: 6747; Member since: Sep 30, 2014

$1299 and still cant include $30 wireless charger

33. WPX00

Posts: 511; Member since: Aug 15, 2015

If it includes the wireless charger, I'll dare bet you the phone will be $1499, and they'll sell the charger separately for those who break/lose it for $99. Because it's "beautifully designed" and "stunningly minimalist", and "is the ultimate embodiment of the future of charging".

47. Landon

Posts: 1245; Member since: May 07, 2015

I have to agree with WPX00 on this one. With Apple's pricing, there's no way their wireless charger is less than $99.

3. gehrig

Posts: 423; Member since: Apr 17, 2014

Yeah, I'm fairly sure this is fake. Nothing could ever justify a phone over $1,000

4. omnitech

Posts: 1131; Member since: Sep 28, 2016

Iphone 8 is next year. Iphone 7s with an oled display and a jet white anniversary edition coming up. lol I would laugh so hard at Bankz if that was the case and they just teased this iphone 8 for sept or october 2018.

26. ibend

Posts: 6747; Member since: Sep 30, 2014

jet white anniversary edition with 3 times bigger apple logo.. sheeple will line-up for that

5. sip1995

Posts: 1771; Member since: Feb 07, 2014

What about the 7S and 7S Plus ?

6. M.O.A.B

Posts: 322; Member since: Feb 13, 2015

an ifan here be like "3d face recognition will be great and never implemented before,, no need for a fingerprint scanner" while he was believing there will not only be a FPS, but under screen FPS,, i bet he is crying under a rock now haha.

7. Supah

Posts: 692; Member since: Mar 08, 2017

12. abdoualgeria

Posts: 928; Member since: Jul 27, 2015


35. TechieXP1969

Posts: 14967; Member since: Sep 25, 2013

Yes I read that article when it forst came out. If the S7 edge isnt worth $800, then how is the iPhone 7 Plus worth $870? The iPhone 7+ that I paid $869 for 128GB, does less than my S8+, by a huge margin. Even if the iPhone does have some unique features, nothing makes it worth $1300. Not even with Augmented Reality. I don't even like or use Samsung's VR. I want Hololens. So AR doesnt excite me. Wireless charging from 15 feet away does not excite me, because it will charge slower than Apple present wall charger, where my iPhone 7+ with a 40% smaller battery, takes 3.5hrs to fully charge, when my S8+ takes only 90 mins. I dont care about the extra. I do care about what matters. Gimmicks are find because some will be useful. However, I dont see how an iphone with a few catchup features to an S6 edge or maybe S7, is worth $1300. Expensive tech isnt always better. And knowing how Apple implements stuff with limited capabilities, like 3D Touch as an example, new features on an iPhone are questionable until proven. If the iPhone 8 that we been seeing all these dummy phones popping up look like that, with a big ugly notch sitting in the middle of the screen, which is actually worse than Samsung placing the FPS on the back of the S8; yet no one is hardly saying its ugly except Android users and Apple users aren't; it just proves you guys will take anything Apple throws at you. Oh and now they are saying, the phone wont even have a FPS at all. So how did we go from having this to not having? Why is Apple abandoning something they made popular? Suckers! So think about this folks. All the OEM's are having issue with an under the screen FPS. Apple is the only one not admitting to the fact. But Qualcomm has, Synaptics has and samsung has which they were using another company. But Apple has said nothing. So if they replace the FPS with face recognition, they would have to amke it less secure, in order for it to work remotely as fast as a FPS would. Some said the Samsung one was fale with a photo. But Samsung never said use it as the main unlocking method because it si less secure, due to making the feature easier. But you can change the settimg to make it harder. If Apple does this, what will the facns say. Samsung didnt get it to work, but they didnt abandon the old one, they simply moved it. So now its ok to remove what works, because you cant implement something that does? If Samsung pulled this BS, the Apple fans would be all over them blasting them. but again, Apple gets a free ticket. The fans will justify it and just say, Apple got rid of the FPS because, since the home button is gone, Apple didnt want us to reach the back, so they gave us a better option to use the face. Because if they implement this new stuff is the same half-hazzard way they did 3D Touch, its gonna be terrible and boring. Y

9. Trickzter

Posts: 83; Member since: Apr 21, 2015

Only the rich and die hard fanboys would be willing to pay $1200-$1400. That's nearly double the price of current flagship phones.

10. Cat97

Posts: 1933; Member since: Mar 02, 2017

Just delay it until it's ready...no need to release a half-assed phone like the S8. Fingerprint sensor must be placed on the front, placing it on the rear will just ruin the whole thing.

42. YeahYeah

Posts: 250; Member since: Mar 16, 2016

Wow.. S8 half baked?

11. abdoualgeria

Posts: 928; Member since: Jul 27, 2015

They accept organs as a payment ?

30. Trickzter

Posts: 83; Member since: Apr 21, 2015

If this price eventuates then we will probably hear stories of people in China or Hong Kong selling kidneys to purchase one of these. Especially if Apple names it iPhone 8, as 8 is the lucky number in Asia.

13. nepalisherpa

Posts: 338; Member since: Jul 17, 2015

These analysts s**t about just anything out of their anal.

14. darkkjedii

Posts: 31313; Member since: Feb 05, 2011

Damn, this is crazy, and that top tier price is just WOWWWWWWWWWW!

16. darkkjedii

Posts: 31313; Member since: Feb 05, 2011

Cnourmitebankzmxyflashberghncxpiyath77rulz will be crying on mommymxymitesappletit over this news.

17. JunitoNH

Posts: 1946; Member since: Feb 15, 2012

Nothing to justify a phone costing $800, but here we are, people do it all the time.

39. TechieXP1969

Posts: 14967; Member since: Sep 25, 2013

Well here is how I see it. Whether its worth the cost or not, it really doesn't matter anymore. The fact is this; no matter what it costs, if you want it; that is the price you gonna have to pay to have it. I realize phones are small full powered computers. I also know that smaller cost more. I mean laptops cost more than desktops, because you have the power of many desktop in a portable form factor. So smartphones on some level are powerful as some PC's in some ways. But whether its $800~1300 worth is another thing to deal with. Because for me a Mac at $1900 for the new Mac Pro is not worth it, when IO can get an HP Envy with more for $1300. A phone with the same or less is not worth more than a phone I paid for before that had that stuff and it was cheaper when it was brand new. If the iPhone 8 is just gonna be an S7 edge/S8 and the S7 edge wasnt worth $800, as the Apple fans claim, and they say the S8 isnt worth its price; then how is the iPhone worth almost double to catchup? I bet Bankz is having a fit! They are all writing a list and checking it twice, to try to get on PA and justify this price. I can hear this list of excuses already!

18. mayor

Posts: 18; Member since: May 06, 2017

they just cant be the first manufacturer to pull that off(embedded fp sensor) its unlikely of them to be that innovative....

41. AmashAziz

Posts: 2934; Member since: Jun 30, 2014

Dude, this is the smartphone industry.

19. Sakeem

Posts: 862; Member since: Sep 05, 2012

Insane if true!!

22. jeroome86

Posts: 2314; Member since: Apr 12, 2012

3 years on current device is looking more likely now. Still be interesting to visit here and watch both sides climax on each other. Wear protection. It's about to get X-rated up in here.

24. Slytherin

Posts: 268; Member since: Mar 02, 2017

My f**king Laptop cost less than that lol Obscene

25. Derekjeter

Posts: 1529; Member since: Oct 27, 2011

Your dumbest person in the world if you really think they don't have this already figured out.

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