Tim Cook reacts to the Dayton and El Paso shootings, stops short of calling for gun control

Apple's Tim Cook reacts to the Dayton and El Paso shootings, stops short of calling for gun control
The CEO of America's richest company has been ever more vocal on issues of national importance lately. After coming out for LGBT rights with a dedicated press release and givign stump speeches to the White House administration on the trade and tariff dispute with China, he is now heavily reacting about the latest "made in USA" mass shootings craziness over the weekend.

On Saturday morning, August 3rd, about 20 people were massacred with an AK-47 in an El Paso Walmart, and Apple's Tim Cook immediately tweeted a reaction mentioning Apple's Cielo Vista campus.

Shortly after this, a deranged shooter went and shot nine people dead in downtown Dayton, Ohio, and only the heavy police presence in the area prevented him from mowing down more with an "assault-style rifle," according to local law enforcement. Despite that Apple has no campus presence in Dayton, Tim Cook interjected here as well:

Apple's CEO didn't stop here, though. Right after his first two "thoughts and prayers" comments, he threw himself in the mass shootings debate ring with what seems to be a call for a bipartisan effort in passing much needed legislation that would curb the likelihood of such incidents, though he stopped just short of mentioning "gun control" in one form or another:

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By saying he is "heartborken" and urging legislative changes, Tim Cook and, tangentially, Apple as a company, are taking a side in the high-stakes debate what to do about this unprecedented rise in American mass shootings. The move is not unprecedented - Apple has taken a firm stance in defense of user privacy, for instance - but for the first time it comes about something that is not directly related to its products or services.

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