TikTok opens doors of LA facility to show transparency in privacy policies

TikTok opens doors of LA facility to show transparency in privacy policies
The Trump administration, as we are all well aware, has recently been suspecting China-owned companies, such as Huawei or ZTE, of espionage and unlawful conduct. Some US officials are also having a problem with the popular video-sharing platform TikTok and its Chinese owner company, ByteDance, and have therefore accused it of being a national security threat. The mentioned above actions resulted in some governmental entities banning the use of TikTok by their staff.

In response to all the critics and accusations, TikTok is preparing to open the doors of a new LA facility to outside visitors, in particular lawmakers and industry experts, The Wall Street Journal reports. Invited people can visit TikTok’s LA facility in order to observe how platform moderators work, how user-reported content is handled, and review the company’s privacy and security practices.

The facility is called the “transparency center” and is scheduled to open its doors in May. Additionally, it is said that the building will have different levels of authorization access.

TikTok has been working hard to address the government officials’ concerns for quite some time already, expressing the fact that the company would never share its users' information to the Chinese government, nor has it done so before. TikTok has even hired an executive from the US as a cybersecurity officer.

“Our landscape and industry is rapidly evolving, and we are aware that our systems, policies and practices are not flawless, which is why we are committed to constant improvement,” a TikTok representative stated.

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