The next T-Mobile Tuesday freebie will give you a reason to be happy in this heat

The next T-Mobile Tuesday freebie will give you a reason to be happy in this heat
T-Mobile may have angered a lot of customers with recent price hikes, but it also knows how to spoil them. This week, the company is celebrating its Thankiversary, which is a weeklong celebration for completing eight years of T-Mobile Tuesdays. The company has already lined something up for the next week.

The next T-Mobile Tuesday's freebie is the coolest mug you have ever seen.

The next T-Mobile Tuesdays freebie is apparently a mug and if that doesn't sound exciting, you should know this is going to be unlike any mug you already own.

This T-Mobile-branded cup will change its color based on what you pour into it. Apparently, the cup is made of aluminium but if you pour something cold inside it, such as chilled lemonade, the T-Mobile logo will go from bland and lifeless to vibrant and perky.

It's not known whether it has insulation capabilities and whether it will retain temperatures for long periods, but that doesn't make it any less cool. After all, as cool as they might be, many consumers don't like the branding aspect of T-Mobile's physical gifts, so we don't think many would want this mug to replace the Stanley tumbler as their travel mug.

Also, T-Mobile has a lot of customers, and the ads that it has started to serve to T Life customers might not be enough to finance the T-Mobile Tuesdays freebies, and if a "T," on the mug helps them attract more customers, so be it.

People have been accusing T-Mobile of changing colors, and we don't know if it purposefully chose this color-changing gift at this point in time, but either way, it's hard not to see the humor in the situation.

To claim the mug, all you have to do is launch the T Life app, navigate to T-Mobile Tuesdays, and save the offer on June 11. After that, visit your nearest T-Mobile store and show a representative that you have claimed the offer.

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