A new T-Mobile freebie is headed your way soon -- be sure to claim it on time

T-Mobile will soon ship the perfect gift for welcoming spring some customers
While virtual rewards are great, you can't really beat the feeling of unwrapping a physical gift. As part of its T-Mobile Tuesdays program, T-Mobile is allegedly planning to surprise its customers with a nice present, just in time for the hotter months.

The world may be moving towards smart glasses and bulky headsets, but a nice pair of sunglasses shields you against the piercing rays of the sun like nothing else. Plus, they look cool.

The Mobile Report has learned the next T-Mobile Tuesdays freebie is a pair of sunglasses. The outlet notes that the frames are reminiscent of Ray-Ban’s trendy Wayfarer frames. As you'd expect, the glasses have T-Mobile logos and the arms are magenta.

The branding is thankfully not too much in your face though so you won't look like a T-Mobile brand ambassador when wearing the glasses. Besides, magenta temples make the glasses look more stylish.

T-Mobile will also give you a pouch for storing the glasses, which is a thoughtful addition. And since regular sunglasses don't provide the protection needed for viewing a solar eclipse, T-Mobile will even include specialized add-in lenses for solar eclipse observation in the package.

The glasses will apparently appear in the T-Life app later this month. If you have been out of the loop, the T-Mobile Tuesdays app has been replaced with a new app called T-Life. The T-Mobile Tuesdays benefits program is a part of the new app. So even though the carrier now has a new app, the beloved tradition of rewarding customers on Tuesdays with discounts, deals, perks, and free merch lives on.

It's believed that you'll have to redeem the freebie on March 25. Since that's just ten days away, we think the sunglasses will show up in the app this Tuesday, so keep an eye out for them.

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