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The iPhone's 89% retention rate crushes rivals

The iPhone's 89% retention rate crushes rivals
The iPhone has the highest retention rate in the industry blowing its rivals away with 89% of current iPhone owners saying they will stick or move to Apple in mobile, a recent survey conducted by UBS concludes. There are only two other companies that users want to switch to or remain loyal to - HTC and Samsung, but there the margins are nowhere near that of Apple. HTC had 39%, while Samsung held 28% rate.

Luckily, Android did much better than the sole phone makers as 55% of users said they’d continue using Google’s platform. At the same time, though, 31% of users currently on Android, said they were planning to switch to an iPhone. 

"Demand for iPhone, iPad and MacBook Pro remains robust, with a leading ecosystem that creates sticky demand," UBS said.

At the same time, though, Apple’s huge retention rate means that some phone makers have become really unattractive. The biggest losers in the survey are Nokia and RIM. The Canadians retention rate have nosedived to 33% from 62% 18 months ago, while the Finns have the lowest result with retention percentage standing at the meager 24%.

source: UBS via Apple Insider

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