All 2018 iPhones to have Face ID, Apple may shrink the notch for the 2019 models

All 2018 iPhones to have Face ID, Apple may shrink the notch for the 2019 models
Apple is bringing that distinguished gentleman with a storied history as a 3D face-scanning provider - the iPhone X's notch - to all of its phones this year, reports Korean media. The industry insiders that spilled those beans actually did it to reveal that LG Innotek will be bearing the brunt of the TrueDepth camera production, while mysterious Chinese companies will be kicking in for any eventual extra modules needed, replacing the current secondary supplier Sharp. 

In any case, the demand will be huge, as Apple is expected to equip not only the iPhone Xs and Xs Plus with a Face ID housing, but also the rumored budget iPhone 9 as well, despite the fact that it may very well land with an LCD display. That's not the first time we are hearing that Apple's future iPhones and iPads will sport that unique 3D facial recognition, so where there is smoke, there might be fire.

In a separate report, tech analytics firm Atherton Research is of the opinion that Apple will be shrinking the notch upwards next year at the earliest, since the technology to make the TrueDepth camera modules smaller is already in the lab, yet it will take some time for it to be applied on the mass scale that Apple's iPhone sales numbers would require. 

Adding to that radical notch-ion notion, Atherton also speculates that Apple would supplement Face ID with in-display finger scanner, too, as the responsiveness and applications of Touch ID proved to be on a different plane than Apple's novel 3D face-scanning technology. It's too early to talk about the 2019 iPhones, but we doubt anyone would argue against a thinner notch, a concept image of which you can see in the header above.

source: ETNews & Forbes

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