Phil Schiller thinks Apple got the home button-less iPhone X right, hints at a Face ID iPad

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Apple went through a number of compromises and soul-searching in its first effort to make an "all-screen" phone, as per another fresh interview with its marketing boss Phil Schiller. Chief among those was the decision to ditch the home button with its integrated Touch ID finger scanner, and replace it with a Face ID biometric solution, achieved by the TrueDepth camera kit that warranted a "notch" cutout at the top of the iPhone X display.

As a result, those coming from a legacy iPhone hit both a muscle memory wall, and aspect ratio compatibility issues. No need to worry, though, as, according to Apple's senior vice president, it all worked out in the end:

Another nugget of info coming from Phil Schiller's interview is his mention that people have adapted really quickly to the gestures that the button-free design requires, and are even trying to replicate them on other Apple devices. Given the rumors that there will be an iPad model with Face ID tech next year, this might sound like a tangential proof, though Phil Schiller remained mum on the matter when pressed.

source: T3

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