The iPad Mini might have a high pixel density display after all, purported chassis photos leak

The iPad Mini might have a high pixel density display after all, purported chassis photos leak
The Chinese tech blog that keeps on giving revelations about the new iPhone and the eventual smaller iPad these days, has obtained pics from an iGadget case maker, which purportedly depict the chassis parts for this rumored iPad Mini.

While the blueish logo looks quite off, and we can't vouch for the credibility of the images, in addition the component supply sources have now said that the iPad Mini might sport a Retina Display after all, as in no less than 326ppi.

At the rumored 7.85" size, 326ppi means double the vertical and horizontal resolution of the iPad 2, whereas yesterday the Wall Street Journal reported that the smaller iPad will feature the same 1024x768 resolution as Apple's second generation tablet. We are much more inclined to believe the WSJ, which also says LG and AUO are alternative screen suppliers.

The arguments are that 326ppi pixel density on an 7.85" tablet would be an overkill, and weigh down on the price too much. Still, we don't know what Sharp's IGZO screen technology can produce - Sharp already made a 6.1" prototype with the breathtaking 498ppi, so it is certainly capable of doing a 7.85" one with 326ppi, but at what cost is another question.

source: MyDrivers (translated)



1. wendygarett unregistered

Looks fake :( I wont hype 1st

5. fbbwang

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I used to be a tech news writer for a taiwanese/singaporean website myself, with all due respect, I really do have to let every viewer know about some fact. this chinese(from china) source website MyDrivers happens to be ALWAYS STEALING articles from others without permissions, and they never give credit or show the original links to the real source, though for this particular news I don't know for sure if they got it themselves, or if it's even a fake one. numerous articles of ours have been stolen by them, simply by copying & pasting everything. only change they made was converting the text from "traditional chinese" (used mainly in taiwan, partially in hong kong) into "simplified chinese" (used in most chinese-speaking countries, mainly china itself), and then claimed that the articles were written by themselves. some of our writers spent literally days writing some benchmark testing articles, shooting high quality photos, or flew all the way to major events to write firsthand news. And this thief just COPIED everything, word by word. this action is simply disgraceful and I hope that a great site such as PhoneArena itself will avoid using sources like this, for we don't know whether they really got the news themselves or if the news are fake or not. quite a number of chinese websites are like this actually, but this one is specially pointed out because it's stolen a lot of our articles. and writers from the English language based websites wouldn't know about this because of the language/cultural differences. and we hope to avoid helping these thieves making money from the viewers and the ads. Thank you

2. PhoneArenaUser

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Off-topic but almost all comments are : "This comment is hidden because of its low rating. " Even if comments are not rated... problems ? It is only for me or anybody else see that to?

4. adi4u4882

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Or the moderators are maniacs?

8. Aeires unregistered

Not having that problem while using Chrome.

3. zhypher_23

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Hmmm, Wonder why the case is not complete at the top, probably it's gonna be similar to the design of the future iPhone 5?

6. reccatyo

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7. lauremar

Posts: 181; Member since: Feb 29, 2012

This is laughable... Come on! Really?!!! Anyone who's gullible enough to believe this as legit is a fool!!!

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