Sharp finally flaunts its thin and efficient IGZO displays, Apple nods approvingly

Sharp finally flaunts its thin and efficient IGZO displays, Apple nods approvingly
We've been waiting with bated breath on Sharp's IGZO (iridium, gallium, zinc oxide) display technology even before we learned Apple is fronting them with the cash needed for mass production, hoping to wean itself off Samsung and LG.

The wait was worth it, since this new type of LCD and OLED screens promises thinner displays with higher resolutions, smaller bezels and better efficiency due to more transparent pixels - all steps in the right direction.

IGZO does that by introducing crystallinity to the amorphous silicon typically used for production, and is a perfect match for smartphones, tablets and even ultrabooks, as an OLED prototype with 3840x2160 pixels exhibits.

The company will also show three other types of displays, the mindblowing specs of which you can see in the table below:

Specifications of prototype displays
LCD display
Screen size4.9 inch6.1 inch
Resolution (pixels)720 x 12802560 x 1600
Pixel density302 ppi498 ppi
Envisioned applicationSmartphonesMobile devices

Organic EL display
Screen size13.5 inch3.4 inch
Resolution (pixels)3840 x 2160 (QFHD)540 x 960
Pixel density326 ppi326 ppi
Outstanding featureWhite OLEDs + RGB color filtersFlexible type

We are especially interested in the bendable OLED screen, which shows that even if Apple doesn't stay buddy-buddy with Samsung as component supplier for much longer, there is still a chance durable OLEDs with plastic substrate might end up in future iPhone iterations, although it's pretty cost prohibitive for now.

Sharp's IGZO screens will be at the SID display expo in Boston, starting next Tuesday, so whoever is there at the time might drop by to see what display tech the next iPhone could sport. The yields weren't enough when the new iPad started shipping, but Sharp seemingly has its IGZO ducks in a row now.

source: Sharp via Engadget 

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