The complete app guide for your new iPad

The complete app guide for your new iPad
Congratulations on getting that shiny, new iPad! Now, you can take it home, fill a nice glass of whatever you like to drink, sit on your comfortable sofa, and start unpacking your new tablet computer! At least, that would be the case if you aren't heading straight to the office, after all, it's still Friday, remember? (Or maybe you've taken a day off on iPad launch day?)

Once you're done worshiping the device's polished looks, you'll want to power it on to finally start using it and... this would be the moment when you'll most probably feel an urging desire to install some apps and games on the device, in order to enjoy it to the fullest. But where to start? Indeed, there are so many programs and games on the App Store that finding the really great ones may take forever... Hey, hey - don't worry! We have already prepared the finest selections of apps and games for you! Not only that, but we've also picked a good number of Retina Display-optimized titles, which will let you experience that awesome screen of the new iPad at its best. And here they are:


Enjoy your new iPad!

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