The best rugged and protective cases for iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and iPhone X so far

Well, folks, we got something we haven't seen (on an iPhone) since the iPhone 4s — the glass back! This time around, the panel is super-durable, Apple says, and should be able to withstand physical torture much better, unlike the glass on the 4s which was often cracked.

Still, glass is glass and there will be plenty of drops and breaks in the following year. Will your phone be one of the victims? It's a pretty expensive repair if it is...

Or you are probably already looking for a case or a few to protect that expensive phone with? Not a bad idea, we have to say! If you are looking for some super slim cases that don't mask the iPhone's pretty profile, or just a general mix of the best cases out there, check out the two links below. If you are looking for the absolutely rugged, protective cases that will help your phone survive a savage drop, check out our pick right here!

Spigen Rugged Armor Extra

It goes without saying that a Spigen case would make its way here. The manufacturer's Tough Armor and Rugged Armor series are classics and probably the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks about a highly-protective case. This year, Spigen has a few new offerings. The Rugged Armor Extra here is one complete shell of high-quality TPU, like the regular Rugged Armor, but with extra bulk added in specific soft spots, giving it a bit more oomph when it comes to dangerous drops.

Case-Mate Tough Stand

The name says it all — it's a tough case... and it has a stand. According to Case-Mate, this shell can protect your phone against 10-foot drops (3 meters), which is quite impressive. There are no bells, no whistles, and the case comes in just 1 color — as black as a drop tester's soul.

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OtterBox Commuter

from $15.52
from $29.37

The Commuter series is made with the urban lifestyle in mind — for people who spend a lot of time on the streets on a daily, moving from one place to another and using their trusty phone in the process. It strikes a balance between being quite protective, dust ingress protection included, and being not-too-chunky for your pockets.

OtterBox Defender

from $23.35
from $26.28

The Commuter's bigger brother pulls no stops. It not only covers your phone's back and sides but also has an integrated screen protector. Great choice for hikers, bikers, skaters, and other active folks.

VRS Design Damda Folder / Glide

VRS Damda Folder iPhone 8 case$39.99
VRS Damda Glide iPhone 8 Plus case$39.99

VRS Design says “If we are going to be making a protective case, might as well make use of the bulk”. Well, it didn't really say that officially anywhere, but we have to imagine that was kind of the thought process behind the Damda's useful “trunk”-style compartment. Basically, you've got a secret drawer that can hold up to 5 cards on the case's back.

Armor-X DX

Armor-X specializes in different mounts for phones — bike mounts, arm straps, tripods, et cetera. The DX case is made for the active folk in mind. It comes with a belt clip and carabiner mount. The belt clip slides off easily and opens up the slot for connecting to one of the many mounts that Armor-X sells.

Incipio Carnaby

from $16.10
from $21.98

Incipio's Carnaby is a more stylish type of rugged case in the sense that it comes with a soft cotton texture wrapped around its protective hard shell. If you're looking for a unique look alongside ruggedness, the Carnaby is a nice choice.

Incipio Stashback

from $16.99
from $24.48

Much like the VRS Damda, this Incipio case has a flap on its back, revealing a slot that takes up to three cards. So, you can offset the fact that your protective case is a bit bulky by leaving your wallet at home.

Olixar X-Trio

The X-Trio wraps completely around your iPhone, including a tempered glass screen protector for the front. A good alternative if you want full protection but not much bulk. We'd be careful for drops, though — it probably won't do as well if it meets the pavement after 10 feet of flight time.

Caseology Parallax

If you want a rugged case with a splash of style and extra grip, check out the Parallax. It has a textured back, which serves for both unique looks and good handling. The case's dual layers are put together in such a way that it has splashes of contrasting accents running across it. You can have that classic red and black theme going on, or go for a blue and gold, or burgundy plus rose-ish gold if your heart so desires.

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